6 documentary projects looking for funding & partners will be pitched to a targeted audience of buyers and commissioners. Each project presentation (7′) will be followed by an open Q&A with international decision makers (7′), guided by an experienced moderator.

Project #1
The Kimberley
Produced by: Wild Pacific Media (Australia)
Directed by: Nick Robinson
Pitched by: Peta AYERS, Nick ROBINSON, Electra MANIKAKIS

Project #2
A year among wolves
Produced by: Le Cinquième Rêve (France), Belgica Films (Belgium)
Directed by: Tanguy Dumortier, Olivier Larrey
Pitched by: Nicolas CENNAC, Henry DE GERLACHE

Project #3
Unspoken souls – the elephant’s alarm for our future
Produced by: KM Tomyam Co., LTD. (Thailand)
Directed by: Koh Okuno, Mieko Saho
Pitched by: Koh OKUNO, Mieko SAHO, Ken-Ichi IMAMURA

Project #4
Produced by: UP UA Studio (Ukraine), Gogol Film (Poland)
Directed by: Hreshko Dmytro
Pitched by: Glib LUKIANETS

Project #5
Super nature
Produced by: Nature Hunter Film Ltd. (United Kingdom)
Directed by: Ed Sayers
Pitched by: Rebecca WOLF

Project #6
First contact
Produced by: IMAGISSIME (France)
Directed by: Jérôme Delafosse, Fabrice Schnoller
Pitched by: Arianna CASTOLDI, Clément ROQUES


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