5 Impact Campaign projects looking for funding & partners will be pitched to a targeted audience of NGOs, Foundations and commissioners. Each project presentation (7′) will be followed by an open Q&A with international decision makers (7′), guided by an experienced moderator.

Project #1
The daughter of the volcano
Produced by: Auna Producciones S.L. (Spain)
Directed by: Jenifer de la Rosa
Pitched by: Amaya IZQUIERDO, Jennifer DE LA ROSA MARTIN

Project #2
Pülö; bloodstream of the kirike
Produced by: Imbuu Media Limited (Nigeria)
Directed by: Christina Ifubaraboye
Pitched by: Christina IFUBARABOYE, Elisa MEREGHETTI

Project #3
Marion and the river
Produced by: Bachibouzouk et Les Poissons Volants (France)
Directed by: Laetitita Moreau, Marion Sellenet
Pitched by: Laurent DURET, Virginia SUBRAMANIYAM

Project #4
Produced by: One Life Studios Pvt. Ltd. (India)
Directed by: Vinta Nanda
Pitched by: Tewary SIDDHARTH KUMAR, Sonal GUPTA

Project #5
The Pickers
Produced by: Berlin Producers Media GmbH (Germany)
Directed by: Elke Sasse
Pitched by: Kristian KAEHLER


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