21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32

2020 PiXii Festival Selection

explore the next dimension of storytelling

After three successful years, PiXii Festival is back in 2020 for its 4th edition.

Over four days, from 22-25 June 2020, PiXii Festival “Connected Edition” features an amazing exhibition of the most innovative stories and digital installations created through new convergences of documentary, culture and immersive technologies.

The event is conducted in synergy with Sunny Side of the Doc, the international marketplace for documentary and narrative experiences. PiXii Festival puts the stories first, benefits from the non-fiction industry’s expertise and has become well renowned on the digital and creative scene.

2020 official selection

Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass
Musée du Louvre / HTC vive arts / Emissive
Virtual Reality

Mona Lisa: Beyond the Glass is the first virtual reality (VR) experience presented by Musée du Louvre. The virtual reality experience combines moving image, sound and interactive design to create a deeply engaging way to immerse visitors in the world of da Vinci’s as well as bringing to life decades of conservation research and data, including infrared scans. Transporting the viewer through time, the experience unveils insights into how the artwork was originally created, how it might have looked in the past, and how it has changed over 500 years.

The Holy City
Nimrod Shanit – Timur Musabay – OccupiedVR

Transport yourself to the world’s spiritual epicentre in this engaging sensory narrative experience built using stunning photogrammetrical scans of Jerusalem. The Holy City utilizes a series of challenging interactive games in room-scale environments to help nurture empathy and understanding amongst the Abrahamic cultures and religions of the city.

Pompéi, the VR Experience
Virtual Reality

This VR experience offers 3 simultaneous users to put themselves in the shoes of an archaeologist. Searching the ruins of the Pompei Garden House using a time beam, the user is invited to search for an archaeological object. A quest that will take him back in time.

Civil War 1864: A Virtual Reality Experience
American Battlefield Trust
Virtual Reality

Experience Civil War warfare, as never before, with the American Battlefield Trust’s new virtual reality feature. This immersive storytelling approach will put you back in time as you navigate in 360 degrees how it may have looked, felt and sounded to be a Civil War soldier.

Insurrection 1944: Immersion into the inner workings of French armed Resistance
Paris Musées / Musée de la Libération de Paris – Musée du Général Leclerc – Musée Jean Moulin / Realcast
Mixed Reality

Insurrection 1944 is an immersive experience twenty meters below The Museum of the Liberation of Paris. Through a HoloLens mixed reality headset, the visitor is in the skin of a resistant journalist who came to interview the head of the French forces.

Les films du tambour de soie / Small Creative
Virtual Reality / Smart Objects / 3D Sound

An empty cube. An exterior, a green wall invites you to enter a forest. Three users equip themselves and get into the forest. The night seizes them. A lantern is placed on a stone bench. One of the users grabs it to reveal the landscape and its sound universe. They must walk. In the distance the contours of a 14th century city appear.

Le Voyage de Kotick
Promenons-nous dans les bois
Augmented Reality

Help a young seal to save the Arctic Ocean from a predicted disaster. Thanks to your commitment and the resilience of nature, Kotick will soon be able to live in a better world.

Monument VR
Virtual Reality

With this VR experience, you will be able to discover the most beautiful heritage sites in 3D real time. You will be able to digitally travel through sites, that one can’t physically visit anymore (in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria…) and marvel in front of dozens of World Heritage jewels.

The Antarctica Experience
Briege Whitehead / White Spark Pictures
Virtual Reality

This world-first documentary filmed in stunning 360 4K, provides a unique opportunity to visit the frozen continent and explore the effects of climate change, as well as see how scientists manage eco-systems, research sustainability and conserve wildlife – in the most successful VR film of all time.

Kultur Projekte Berlin
Augmented Reality

AR app to experience the history of the Berlin Wall since its construction until the Peaceful Revolution. The app includes personal stories as interactive episodes from East and West Berlin and about key moments in 1989/90 – all at the historic places from Alexanderplatz to the Stasi Headquarters.

Joffrey Lavigne / Marguerite Boutrolle
Augmented Reality

Walled-In is a comic-Instagram at the crossroads of a thriller and a historical documentary.
We follow three characters whose destinies were turned upside down by the construction of the Wall of Shame. Each season tells the story of a character in ten episodes. Episodes are published using the Instagram carousel tool, which displays a frieze of ten boxes to scroll horizontally. In addition to the episodes, historical insights, developed from archive footage, are published as interactive stories.

Birdie Long Gone
Demute Studio
Augmented Reality

Birdie Long Gone is a 20-minute immersive experience for one spectator who brings a travel trunk back to life that has become the magical theatre of a quest for origins. Thanks to immersive headphones, we can hear the memories come to life around us, leaving the spectator imagine the world around him. 

Meet Mortaza
Les Produits Frais / Joséphine Derobe 
Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality

Meet Mortaza VR is an immersive experience sharing the intimacy of a man who was forced into exile. This story recalls the search of freedom and identity of a man, embracing a long journey through different continents.