21 - 24 JUNE 2021 / EDITION N°32


Sunny Side of the Doc

2018 Awards Season: Spotlight on stories & talents with international potential

We’re thrilled to announce that the following three documentary and non-fiction projects have received in-kind support from Sunny Side of the Doc and Asian Side of the Doc to help fund and complete their stories during our 2019 international marketplace events.

Each year, the Sunny Side of the Doc & Asian Side of the Doc Awards offer unique pitching opportunities in front of a larger group of international industry professionals and decision makers. The team is always pleased to witness the quality and the diversity of the pitched projects coming in from all over Europe and Asia.

  • Tokyo Docs, Japan (5-7 November 2018)

★ Asian Side of the Doc Award ★

Directed by Mayu Nakamura (Omphalos Pictures) and produced by Yukari Harada (NHK Enterprises)
Prize: Free accreditation & pitch selection to Asian Side of the Doc 2019.

Logline: People in the megacity Tokyo cope with their loneliness and seek happiness by renting friends and significant others.

About Mayu Nakamura’s journey:

Mayu studied at the Graduate Film Program of New York University. Mayu directed both fiction and documentary films. Her first fiction feature film, “Summer of Stickleback” was premiered at Busan International Film Festival, and her documentary feature film, “Alone in Fukushima” was premiered at Montreal World Film Festival and they were all theatrically released in Japan.
On television, Mayu mainly works for NHK World. Her latest project was Inside Lens “Design Your Own Ending” which follows people who seek alternative burial styles in Japan.



  • CNEX Chinese Doc Forum in Taipei, Taiwan (19-25 September 2018)

Our Senior Digital Development Officer, Alexandre Michelin, attended the 9th edition of CNEX Chinese Doc Forum and awarded the creative teams behind a promising project with most international potential.

★ Asian Side of the Doc Award ★

Directed by Covin CHENG and produced by Ruby Yang
Prize: Free accreditation & pitch selection to Asian Side of the Doc 2019.

Logline: After suffering hardships and disappointments of multiple miscarriages, a couple attempts medically assisted conception once more this 2018. In a race against time, social taboo, and financial struggles, conceiving children seems ever distant. This is the filmmaker’s autobiography as he witnesses his wife’s perseverance, his own helplessness, and questions his definition of the modern family.

A word from Alexandre Michelin:

« It is the maturity of the documentary genre in the current Chinese social context that emerges here at CCDF to express the most intimate and universal side of tensions and emotions driving  1.400 billion human beings that we find so endearing and finally close to us. The pitch of UNTIL THAT DAY provoked a real emotion around a powerful love story that is written before our eyes. The project was also honored by China’s largest gaming and social media firm, Tencent.» 

A word from Covin Cheng, Director:

“I am honoured to be the recipient of the Asian Side of the Doc Award. My partner and I are surprised at the level of praise for Until that Day. We are very grateful for everyone’s feedback. A special thanks goes to Mr. Alexandre Michelin for this opportunity. As a new filmmaker, I look forward to this learning experience.”


  • NipponNordic Universe Accelerator in Viborg, Denmark (3-30 September 2018)

NipponNordic Universe Accelerator is a four week artist residency for creative concept development, individual mentorship and cooperation between Japan and Scandinavia. The selected participants, Japan and Scandinavia-based, develop universes, prototype concepts and story worlds for animated content, video games and XR, that can resonate both artistically and commercially.
Sunny Side of the Doc representative’s Mathieu Béjot, was in attendance on Pitch Day (September 24) and share valuable insight on how to reach the international marketplace during invaluable one-to-one meetings (September 25).

★ Sunny Side of the Doc Award ★

Created by Ruben Quasi
Prize: Free accreditation & pitch selection to Sunny Side of the Doc 2019.

Logline : AGES to the COSMOS, a giant transmedia storyworld, spanning over six centuries and tells humanity’s journey into a spacefaring species.

About Ruben Quasi’s journey:

Humanist, visual artisan, curious hacker, and lifelong learner. His journey’s full of (re)discoveries. As an artist, he’s worked on video installations, unique concepts for performing arts and illustrations. As an activist, he’s organised socio-cultural events and produced collaborative pieces, asperformances and a short movie. Today, he wants to marry both sides proposing a collaborative universe.

With AGES to the COSMOS, I want to help shape the future to become a better place. Setting up a framework for positive science fiction storytelling, hopefully, will inspire a more positive outlook for the future. A future based on solutions rather than problems.”


A word from Mathieu Bejot :

” AGES TO THE COSMOS is an open source storytelling platform aimed at creating a better future. Based on a utopia created by Ruben Quasi, collaborators will be invited to develop and co-create new material on topics ranging from sustainability to human rights and gender equality. It is very ambitious and innovative.
Presenting it at Sunny Side of the Doc next June is an opportunity to explore new forms of collaborative storytelling. And also to explore some of the issues that is raises: how do you engage and moderate communities of users and collaborators? How do you monetize it?
AGES TO THE COSMOS is a case study of how creative commons or blockchain will impact the industry.
NipponNordic offers a wide variety of projects, from comic books to video games, from traditional animation to VR. Attentive mentoring helped produced well thought out pitches. The artists obviously enjoyed a cross-fertilization of ideas and culture in a most fertile environment amidst the Animation Workshop of the VIA University, the Arsenalet creative company cluster and the Viborg Animation Festival.”


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