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Get involved in corona crisis footage pool

Filmmakers from the German Documentary Association / AG DOK are launching a global and collaborative “Corona Crisis Footage Pool”.

Storytellers from around the world can contribute to the necessary effort to capture and document the realities of the ongoing 2020 pandemic.

Dear colleagues,

We are calling you from Germany, but could be anywhere on this planet. The corona virus outbreak is affecting everybody. We are all in this together. And what we are experiencing – the infections, the lockdown, the tears and the grinding halt of our local and world economy – will inevitably become a tipping point that will go down in history.
As filmmakers and story tellers we feel the obligation to document this truly global and unique 2020 moment and share our observations with our fellow citizens. We have to be quick and decided to catch the events around us as they are unfolding. This is our chance to act in solidarity and compassion and create the Corona Footage Pool together. It should be open for use by everybody who has contributed scenes and images from his or her place on this planet. This way we all will be able to tell stories and make films even with very limited resources and restricted travel.

We propose three simple headlines:

  • The corona pandemic
  • The economic consequences
  • What does this mean for life on this planet?

ad 1: The pandemic will cause a great number of individual tragedies, misfortunes and deaths on every continent. It will hit the most vulnerable in our societies the most. How do we cope – individually, socially, as world citizens?

ad 2: The breakdown of our intertwined economies will stay in the headlines for a long time. Countries like Germany may be able to handle the crisis with “bags full of money”, but what about your country, your region, your quarter?

ad 3: We all know that the current financial and economic system is overusing and destroying our planet. Can we hope for a more sustainable and just economic system to evolve? Will the Corona crisis be the catalyst for the climate catastrophe – and will we be able to manage this crisis in a collective effort to keep our planet habitable and still maintain the cultural achievements of the past decades?

We want to keep the technical stuff simple and smart. All you need is to follow these rules: Shoot in Full HD or better with a minimum of 25 (30) full frames (1080/25/30p) and choose the best available codec in your camera (H265, H264 or better, e.g. 10bit with Log profile). Don’t forget a good mike and record your sound at 48kHz framerate.

Many filmmakers from the German AGDOK (documentary film association with over 900 members) have started to shoot film clips last Friday, March 27th in more than 40 locations throughout Germany.

We take a three step approach:

1- Shoot and store locally (on a regular basis, e.g. weekly)
2- Upload a 1min clip after ever shooting to share and discuss (via Vimeo showcase). This will be published in our Facebook group regularly.
3- Any time later: upload your footage to a large cloud server that we will organize and start editing films for your audience – online, at film festivals or else. We all grant each other a CC BY NC licence: Creative Commons use with naming the originators in all publications, non-commercial. For commercial use ask the originators for a license.
We are currently working hard with film festivals and service providers to create a legal and digital framework to host this. For right now and until further notice you should store your footage under your control. Don’t forget to send your filmclip for regularl uploading to the Vimeo showcase (format h264 or h265, 25MPS).

Naming convention:
2020_03_27_1min_SURNAME_LASTNAME_PLACE_COUNTRY_TIME_Geolocatio ;n.mp4

Now it is up to you to contribute to the Corona Footage Pool CFP.

Please send an email with your profile and contact details and become member of our CFP Facebook group:


Stay healthy.
Yours sincerely,”

Benedikt Kuby.


Benedikt Kuby
Benedikt Kuby Filmproduktion

Joerg Altekruse
Zeitfilm Media GmbH

> By the way: this is an unique opportunity to leave the victims role and buildup energy for a purpose.

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