Image page edition 2017 Sunny Lab

“All these effervescent ideas and innovative technology is going to allow us to bring both fresher creative output and new audiences to La Rochelle. I consider this to be the best news of this year’s market!”

Yves Jeanneau, CEO of Sunny Side Markets

The incursion of new screens, new ways of consuming images means that creation needs to be rethought, not only in linear content, but also in delinearised and interactive – even immersive – content. Since 2014, Sunny Lab has become an event in its own right, with unique programming made up of pitches, panels and case studies around interactive documentaries and transmedia, all marked with the seal of innovation.

What about Sunny Lab 2017

Digital Creation Pitch

5 projects will be selected, among all narrative approaches and all interactive storytelling available : animation, live action, documentary, game, digital, non linear documentaries…

Tuesday 20 June – 9.30, @Agora Print

Sponsored by Bell Fund (Canada)
Co-produced by RIDM
Moderated by Mara Gourd Mercado & Sebastian Sorg, Munich DokFest

READ THE JOINT INTERVIEW of Mara Gourd-Mercado, Managing Director of RIDM &
Claire Dion, Associate Director for Bell Fund.

Case Study



Monday 19 June – 5.45 pm, @Agora
Co-organised by Documentary Campus
Moderated by Mark Atkin, Director Crossover Labs




Tuesday, June 20 3:00 pm – Meeting Room 

VR (360 video) offers a more immersive and interactive experience compared to traditional video, TV, and cinema. The current generation of VR technology and applications, however, has several quality limitations that result in a reduced Quality-of-Experience for the final user. For high quality applications, such as Cinematic VR in the Film industry, a new generation of high quality VR is needed. New technologies, including cameras, head mounted displays, and software tools, are emerging for improving the quality of VR video. A key technology for the success of the next generation of VR applications is video compression.

High quality VR video results in huge data rates that are beyond the capacity of current Internet and devices. In the DDD60 project, supported by the Horizon 2020 Programme of the European Union, advanced video codecs and delivered methods are being optimized and adapted for next generation high quality VR for the film industry. In this talk we will present the technical objectives, current status of the project, as well as a practical demonstration of video compression tools for high quality 360 video.


Keynote Google News Lab: VR Audience Analysis

Thursday, June 22 – 9:30 am – Auditorium 

Presentation by David Dieudonné, Google News Lab



VR &







4 panels will enable international speakers to present projects, innovations and share about the new ways of alternative storytelling.

Virtual Reality &  Journalism googlelab
Monday 19 June – 4.30pm
, @Agora

Sponsored by Google News Lab

Co-organised by Global Editors Network (GEN)
Moderated by Jean-Yves Chainon – CEO JYC
Speaker: David Dieudonné

As virtual reality moves into the mainstream, learn how newsrooms across the world are using it to advance journalism and bring more potential for innovative storytelling.

>>Introduction: Short formats & digital strategy at TV5MONDE
Tuesday, June 20 – 11.30am, @Agora

Short formats are at the core of the convergence between linear & non linear, central to TV5MONDE distribution strategy. Cécile Quéniart, Digital Chief Editor, explains the digital strategy of the group, which platform comes first, for which content.

Shorts formats for outsized impacttv5monde
Tuesday, June 20 – 11.45am, @Agora

Sponsored by TV5 Monde

Moderated by Ilan Urroz de PRIMI

Short documentaries exist in a variety of formats, and a variety of platforms – from online to the big screen building communities of interest and providing amazing insight into a wide range of issues: society, environment, refugees movements… What’s the business model for making, funding and distributing short docs? Featuring The Guardian, YLE, Arte, Tribeca Film Institute, POV, Les Hauts Parleurs, INA.

Playing with Reality – Season 2
Wednesday 21 June – 12:00, @Agora

Moderated by Benjamin Hoguet

Following the success of last year’s session, a panel of digital producers will open up the door to new experimentations in mixing video game structures and design with a documentary objective. Technological advances are surely pushing the limits to reinvent the interactive narrative.

Making VR a Business Reality
Thursday 22 June – 10.00, @Agora

Co-organised with Uni VR
Moderated by Antoine Cayrol - OKIO

One of the more interesting things about VR is that it is going to be the first consumer medium whose distribution platform is native to the internet. Although business models are still hard to figure out during platform shifts, they can play out to great success as the technology and marketplace head towards a tipping point.