Group Stand

There is a wide range of options when it comes to exhibition at Sunny Side.  There are 3 areas available:

The C zone is located against the main wall of the Hall
The B zone is centered in the hall and may face A or B zones (or both according to your stand’s size)
The A zone is the premium area facing the harbour with an optional access to a private terrace.




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Professional associations / Institutions / Local councils / Group booking

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  • Stand 9m²
  • Individualstand9-285X380
  • From2500€ exclu tax
  • AREA C
    9 m²
    3 full accreditations
    1 table
    4 chairs
    1 brochure display
    1 bin
  • Stand 12m²
  • Individualstand12-285X380
  • From3300€ exclu tax
  • AREA C
    12 m²
    4 full accreditations
    2 tables
    6 chairs
    2 brochure displays
    1 cupboard
    1 bin

* All prices are not including tax (if applicable). Rates may change according to the selected area.