Participation under a group stand

The participation group stand is opened to participant’s members of one of the registered group stand.

This participation gives you access to Sunny Side with more visibility, including a shared stand to set up your meetings and a discounted rate.

If you are in charge of an institution, an agency or professional association or network and wish to create a group stand, please directly go here.

For more information about Participation under a group stand please contact us.

Contact our friendly sales team
  • Group Stand Pass
  • pass-ssd17

  • Shared Stand
    Access to professional account
    Pitch project submission
    Access to participants details
    1 project / program

As reference here is the Sunny Side 2017 group stands list :

AGDOK/German Documentaries – Germany
Agence de Promotion et diffusion des cultures de l’Outre-Mer – France
Agence Film Réunion – France
Asian Filmmakers
AST – Association Science et Télévision – France
Basque Audiovisual – Spain
Brazilian Content – Brazil
Catalan Films & TV – Spain
Doc/it – Italian Documentary Association – Italy
Docs From Spain – Spain
EDN – European Documentary Network – Danmark
Fédération des Jeunes Producteurs Indépendants – France
Feeling China Pavilion – China
Franco Doc : Film Fund Luxembourg – Luxembourg
Franco Doc : WBI-Wallonie Bruxelles Images – Belgium
Pôle Image Haute-Normandie – France
Pavillon du Canada – Canada
Pictanovo – Région Hauts-de-France – France
Polish Docs – Poland
Primi – Pôle Régional Image Multimédia Internet – France
Région Grand Est / Image’Est – France
Région Nouvelle-Aquitaine – France
Région Occitanie – France
Régions et Producteurs du Centre-Ouest – France
SATEV- Syndicat des Agences de Presse Audiovisuelles- France
Screen Australia – Australia
SPI – Syndicat des Producteurs Indépendants – France
Thailand DOCS Group – Thailand
Tokyo Docs – Japan
TV France International – France
USPA – Union Syndicale de la production audiovisuelle – France