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Individual stand

There is a wide range of options when it comes to exhibition at Sunny Side.  There are 3 areas available:

The C zone is located against the main wall of the Hall
The B zone is centered in the hall and may face A or B zones (or both according to your stand’s size)
The A zone is the premium area facing the harbour with an optional access to a private terrace.

  • Stand 6m²
  • Individualstand-285X380
  • From1620€ exclu tax
  • AREA C
    6 m²
    2 full accreditations
    2 programmes or projects
    1 table
    3 chairs
    1 brochure display
    1 bin
  • Stand 9m²
  • Individualstand9-285X380
  • From2430€ exclu tax
  • AREA C
    9 m²
    3 full accreditations
    3 programmes or project
    1 table
    4 chairs
    1 brochure display
    1 bin
  • Stand 12m²
  • Individualstand12-285X380
  • From3230€ exclu tax
  • AREA C
    12 m²
    4 full accreditations
    4 programmes or project
    2 table
    6 chairs
    2 brochure display
    1 bin
  • Corner
  • corner-285X380
  • From800€ exclu tax
  • Only AREA B
    1 full accreditation
    1 programme or project
    1 table
    2 chairs

  • Outdoor Pack
  • Outdoor-285X380
  • From1500€ exclu tax
  • 1 tent 9m²
    3 full accreditations
    3 programmes or projects
    1 table
    4 chairs
    1 brochure display
    1 bin

All prices are not including tax

Stands at Sunny Side come with a pack of furniture equipment depending on the surface. It is always possible to customize your stand with our different options including additional furniture, personal decoration, partition wall custom

Let us advise you for the best option according to your profile ! Contact us now.