International Jury for Sunny Side of the Doc 2014 pitching sessions


Hind Saih, Producer – Bellota Films, France

Nino Kirtadze, Director – France

Junko Ogawa, Head of Global Content Marketing – NHK, Japan

Martichka Bozhilova, Producer – AGITPROP, Bulgary



Awards 2014

Six Sunny Side pitching sessions will create an opportunity for 35 producers from all over the world to pitch their idea including a trailer in front of a number of key international commissioners and buyers.
The international jury and partners will decide on the best pitches for ten awards in cash and in kind.
The Award Ceremony is at 18:00 on Thursday 26th of June.


Grand Prix 25th Anniversary, sponsored by NRK, 5,000 € in cash.

Life in flames // Produced by La Claqueta, Spain

This award highlights the Best Sunny Side 2014 Pitched Project across all categories.

Best History Project, sponsored by PBS International:  2,000 € in cash

The Tokyo War Trial // Produced by Point du Jour, France

Best Science & Nature Project, sponsored by National Geographic Channels International (NGCI):  2,000 € in cash

King in a cage // Produced by Blue Rhino Pictures, South Korea

Kit Evolution

Kit Evolution



The sponsor K5600 Lighting rewards the project: Life in flames // Produced by La Claqueta, Spain (Science & Nature pitching session) a Kit Evolution composed of two projectors, the new Alpha 200 and the new Joker Bug 200. Both devices are manufactured to operate in 5600K or 3200K, thanks to the new HMI 3200K lamp designed by SLI.

Best Arts & Culture Project, sponsored by Rare Media:  2,000 € in cash

League of Exotic Dancers // Produced by Storyline Entertainment, Canada

Best Politics & Society Project, sponsored by RTBF-Sonuma et SRC-Radio Canada:  2,000 € in cash

Plastic China // Produced by CNEX Foundation, China

Best Interactive Factual Project, sponsored by CICC:  2,000 € in cash + The Cuban Hat Award*

Adrift produced by Decima Rosa, Italy and Freeside Films, UK

Which also wins:

- Ottoblix: Post-production and creative services for a value of 5,000 $ (CAD)
- Le Chainon Manquant: 2 days of Archives research for a value of 740€
- Gaumont Pathé Archives: Archives research

Sweet Spot: Share your grandma, produced by Narrative and Chai Chai Films, France

- Redpinata: Post-production services during a week for a value of 5000 €
- Hot Docs: One pass to attend Hot Docs Forum – April 23 to May 3, 2015
- Racontr: Licence Racontr+ with a lifetime hosting service of 2GB and 2 days training at Racontr and/or support to project development for a total value of 1500 €

Special Mention: Quipu, produced by Chaka Studio, UK

- EDN Membership
- Sunny  Side: One pass to attend Sunny Side – June, 2015

*The 2014 Cuban Hat Award

Conceived by Diego Briceño (Cuibafilms/Pimiento, Montreal) and Giulia Frati (Zelectra Productions, Montreal), The Cuban Hat is a crowd participatory initiative and the award is composed of contributions in cash and in kind from industry partners, sponsors and private donors.  At Sunny Side of the Doc 2014, the Cuban Hat Award includes all the money and goods gathered in “the hat” through our online crowdmarket platform to be awarded to the Best Interactive Factual project. All delegates will be involved in the voting system online to support their favorite pitch during the market.


CEZAME MUSIC AGENCY will award two CEZAME MUSIC Prizes supporting the musical side of the doc.
These separate prizes reward two pitched projects allowing authors to benefit from: 
Hukou // Produced by Star Era Media, China and Georama TV Productions, France : Assistance for the creation of original music for a value of 2,000 €Share your grandma // Produced by Narrative and Chai Chai Films, France : Assistance for the use of music labels CEZAME MUSIC AGENCY for a value of 1,200 €

RTBF Award

The RTBF will grant a pre-buy offer on The Memory of Nanking, 1937 // Produced by CCTV10, China (History Pitch)


Sonuma is specialized in media sourcing with its huge collection of current programs and vintage footage produced by famous belgian TV producers such as RTBF, BELGAVOX, VRT NIEUWS and EBUCO.
The project Children of Dictators, produced by Spot Productions, Hungary
(History Pitch) won the SONUMA Award which consists in archives purchases from their collections for a value of 5,000 €.

Crowdfunding Award by MyMajorCompany

MyMajorCompany is proud to engage with documentary production by offering the project Night on Earth // Produced by Winds and Galatee films, France, two prizes:

  • no fee commission on the project, normally worth 10% of the amounts collected
  • Project management services to ensure a highly personalized support through several appointments and involving  the platform teams (graphics, communication, community management, marketing, web).


Clockwork Climate // Produced by Artline Films, France : 2 days of INA Expert training

Best Music of a Programme by UCMF & SACEM

Commodity Traders // Produced by Roche Productions, France: 500 € in cash