Monday June 20th – Screening Schedule

Monday June 20th – Médiathèque Michel Crépeau – 2pm


Directed by Garry Beitel / Canada Quebec / 87’ / 2015 / French subtitles

clap-icon Produced by: ReFrame Films

Four Canadians committed to non-violence take us into the tensest areas of the world, into the heart of issues concerning mediation and the heavy challenges of hope: land conflicts in the Democratic Republic of Congo, civil war in Sudan, migrant camps in Kurdistan, Darfur, Nepal… A beautiful response to armed conflict.

with RIDM

a la poursuite de la paix

Monday June 20th – Médiathèque Michel Crépeau – 4pm


Directed by Guylaine Maroist & Éric Ruel / Canada / 81’ / 2015 / French subtitles

clap-icon Produced by: Productions de la ruelle

… Or how the young MP from Papineau became the Prime Minister of Canada. Filmed like a boxing match, this documentary is a metaphor for the fight that has been going on between Liberals and Conservatives in Canada since the country’s founding. What if boxing was the best way to conquer the media, political and popular crowd? A forceful documentary on the art of politics in the 21st century.

with RIDM

god save justin trudeau

Monday June 20th – Médiathèque Michel Crépeau – 6pm


Directed by Viveka Melki / Canada Quebec / 78’ / 2016 / French subtitles

clap-icon Produced by: Tortuga Films Productions

What happens to circus artists when their careers come to an end? Quebec director Viveka Melki goes to Sarasota in Florida, to meet these artists when the time has come to leave the ring to retire out of the limelight. Inhabited by endearing characters and punctuated by magnificent performances, this film is a beautiful meditation on the wings of art and life.

with Hot Docs

la vie après le cirque

Monday June 20th - CGR Dragon – 8pm


Avant-Première France Télévisions

Directed by Romain Icard / France / 90’ / 2016 / French

clap-icon Coproduced by: Nilaya Productions with France 2

The day a baby is born is not the first day of its life. This docudrama explores the fascinating beginnings of life in the womb. Using extraordinary 3D reconstructions, it reveals what we have discovered about the sophisticated communication and remarkable relationship that the baby has with the outside world. A moving adventure masterfully mixing science with poetry.

nos bébés ont une histoire

Monday June 20th - CGR Dragon – 10pm


Directed by Thierry Michel Belgium / 112’ / 2015 / French subtitles

clap-icon Coproduced by: Les Films de la Passerelle with Ryva Production

For the past 15 years, Denis Mukwege has operated on women and children victims of sexual abuse carried out by armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo. Nicknamed “The Man Who Mends Women”, this Congolese gynaecologist fights for human rights by criticising around the world the barbarity of rape as a weapon of war. A strong, wonderfully filmed theme carried by an exceptional man.

Read our interview of Thierry Michel

l'homme qui repare les femmes

Tuesday June 21st – Screening Schedule

Tuesday June 21st - Médiathèque Michel Crépeau – 2pm


Directed by Harold Crooks / Canada / 93’ / 2014 / French subtitles

clap-icon Produced by: InformActions Films

Tax avoidance is not necessarily illegal but is always immoral. On a grand scale, as practiced by the giants of the new economy, it widens the wage gap between the privileged and the rest of the world, and weakens the foundations of our societies. And what if the price to pay was the death of democracies? A hard-hitting, fascinating documentary.

le prix à payer

Tuesday June 21st - Médiathèque Michel Crépeau – 4pm


Directed by Rama Rau / Canada / 90’ / 2016 / French subtitles

clap-icon Produced by: Storyline Entertainement

In an explosion of jazzy brass instruments and glamourous splendour, this documentary explores the golden age of glittering sequined dresses. Rama Rau gives us the stories of the unforgettable women who made it sparkle. These legendary women talk freely about the glorious moments and the darker times tinged with job insecurity, racism and sexism. A comprehensive, and deliciously vintage, vision of the world of the night.

Read our interview of Ed Barreveld (Storyline Entertainment)

with Hot Docs

league of exotique dancers

Tuesday June 21st - Médiathèque Michel Crépeau – 6pm


Directed by Aude Leroux-Lévesque & Sébastien Rist / Canada / 78’ / 2016 / French subtitles

clap-icon Produced by: MC2 Communication Média

In the depths of Arctic Canada, Paulusie, a young Earth-loving Inuk lives from hunting and fishing. This documentary follows the young man at a turning point in his life: what starts out as the portrait of a naïve and charismatic teenager soon becomes a young adult’s struggle to take responsibility for his acts. A poignant story in a breathtaking landscape.

with Hot Docs

chez les géants

Tuesday June 21st - CGR Dragon – 8pm


Avant-Première Canal +

Directed by James Bluemel / United Kingdom / 90’ / 2016 / French subtitles

clap-icon Coproduced by: BBC, KEO Films with CANAL +

Seventy-five mobile phones fitted with a video application have been given to migrants all around the world. This has allowed them to film the actual conditions of millions of people trying to get to Europe by any means possible, and that film crews cannot cover. The images are raw and give a terrifying portrait of what is becoming one of the most worrying issues of the decade.

This programmation is organized in parallel with PLANETE+ channel which will feature 3×52’ on the same theme


Wednesday June 22nd – Screening Schedule

Wednesday June 22nd - Médiathèque Michel Crépeau – 2pm


Directed by Amer Shomali & Paul Cowan / Canada Quebec-France-Palestine / 75’ / 2014 / French subtitles

clap-icon Coproduced by: Intuitive Pictures with ONF, Bellota Films, Dar Films, Arte

This animated documentary recounts a surprising historical event: the hunting down of a herd of 18 cows declared public enemy n° 1 by the Israeli army during the 1987 Intifada. The touching and funny cows are presented as clearly definable characters. This film humorously and intelligently defends the values of resistance, complicity and ingenuity of individuals involved in a movement of civil disobedience.

with RIDM

les 18 fugitives

Wednesday June 22nd - Médiathèque Michel Crépeau – 4pm


Directed by Daniel Ferguson & Arnaud Bouquet / Canada Quebec-France / 86’ / 2014 / French subtitles

clap-icon Coproduced by: InformAction Films with La Compagnie des Taxi-Brousse

The Last of the Elephant Men takes us to Cambodia to meet three characters: Mrey a converted former hunter, Mané a young lawyer and Duol a teenage elephant driver. Three Bunong generations bearing witness to the moving relationship between humans and elephants. A beautiful adventure echoing a parable of modern times.

with RIDM

les derniers hommes elephants

Wednesday June 22nd - Médiathèque Michel Crépeau – 6pm


Directed by Helen Doyle / Canada / 90’ / 2013 / French

clap-icon Produced by: InformAction Films

This film is a quest into the meaning and scope of images which submerge us. Do we still know how to look at them? With changing practices, photographers and plastic artists reveal their strategies for giving us images which have a meaning. The images here are superb, powerful, serving a precise and relevant body of work.

dans un ocean d'images

Wednesday June 22nd - CGR Dragon – 8pm


Avant-Première Arte

Directed by Norma Percy, Delphine Jaudeau / France – United States / 52’ / 2016 / French Subtitles

clap-icon Coproduced by: Les Films d’Ici 2 with Brook Lapping, BBC, ARTE France

On reaching the highest political office in the United States, Barack Obama triggered a massive wave of enthusiasm throughout the world in 2008, like no other American President before him. With exclusive interviews of Obama himself and his inner-circle of advisers, this documentary – the first of a series of 4 – takes us behind the scenes of the White House and explores the historic moments of his two terms.

Planche Photos

Wednesday June 22nd - CGR Dragon – 10pm


- In attendance of the director Xavier de Lauzanne -

Avant-première / Release date October 5 2016

Directed by Xavier de Lauzanne / France / 88’ / 2016 / French

clap-icon Coproduced by: Bonne Pioche Cinéma, Aloest Productions

The adventure began 20 years ago. A family decides to live their dream of travelling the planet in a camper-van. Their journey takes them to Cambodia, where they discover the nightmare lived by children in the landfill in Phnom-Penh. Christian and Marie-France fight for these children from hell and give them back their human dignity. The stories told are as harsh as they are beautiful, an overwhelming film.

Read our interview of Xavier de Lauzanne and Yves Darondeau (Bonne Pioche)

les pépites

Thursday June 23rd – Screening Schedule

Thursday June 23rd – Médiathèque Michel Crépeau – 2pm


Directed by Khoa Lê / Canada Québec / 85’ / 2013 / French subtitles

clap-icon Produced by: Picbois Productions

The son of Vietnamese emigrants to Canada, Khoa Lê goes to Vietnam to meet his family. Seeing the larger than life character of his grandmother, he placed his ancestor at the centre of his chronicle. Portrait and self-portrait mingle with humour and emotion. An ethnographic family film, a film of a dreamlike voyage, an intimate film which opens to the world with full mastery of the documentary art.

with RIDM

Ba noi grand maman

Thursday June 23rd - Médiathèque Michel Crépeau – 4pm


Directed by Marie-Hélène Cousineau & Susan Avingaq / Canada / 76’ / 2014 / French subtitles

clap-icon Produced by: Arnait Video Productions

Sol. Solomon Tapatiaq Uyarasuk is found lifeless in a cell in the police station in Igloolik, a small isolated village in the Canadian Arctic. While trying to elucidate the circumstances which have led to the death of the young Inuk man, this documentary reveals the social problems which are effecting this region of Canada, which has the highest youth suicide rate in the world. With the breathtaking beauty of the desolate landscapes, Sol is a film which is as heart-breaking as it is necessary.

with RIDM


Thursday June 23rd - Médiathèque Michel Crépeau – 6pm


Directed by Julien Fréchette / Canada Quebec / 78’ / 2012 / French

clap-icon Coproduced by: MC2 Communication Media with NFB

Alain Deneault brought out his book “Black Canada” in 2008. This was followed by a barrage of lawsuits against the book by the Canadian mining companies Barrick Gold and Banro. Silence is Gold is a disturbing documentary thriller set in the dark world of oil.

with RIDM

le prix des mots

Thursday June 23rd - CGR Dragon – 8pm


Directed by Joseph Hillel / Canada Québec / 82’ / 2013 / French subtitles

clap-icon Produced by: Ciné Qua Non Media

Haiti-born Joseph Hillel lives in Montreal. He films Haitians who talk about the other Haiti, Ayiti Toma; the country which is ours, the land of the living. Anthropologists, humanitarians (including Sean Penn), voodoo adepts, or young people from the neighbourhoods: they all talk about what makes up the richness and the energy of Haiti, above and beyond the usual media images. A superb documentary, plunging the viewer in the director’s primeval swamp.

with RIDM

ayiti toma au pays des vivants