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Paths of Interaction, eXperiences in Immersion & Innovation

Immerse yourself into culture 

PiXii is the echo chamber of synergies at work in the “Digital Culture” area. In a 400m2 space at Sunny Side of the Doc, industry delegates (in the morning) and the general public (in the afternoon) will be able to try out mainly group devices showcasing virtual and augmented reality and immersive experiences.

In this “Demonstrator”, producers, studios and cultural institution representatives will be able to judge for themselves in situ as to the relevance of the use of these new technologies and the business opportunities they can create.




Try out in situ devices showcasing immersive technologies and virtual, augmented and mixed reality and meet the creators behind the technology.

Have an exclusive view of an international line-up of documentaries in virtual reality and 360° video.


PiXii features two VR Spaces presenting 20-minute synchronised screenings sessions of 360°documentaries films in association with the World VR Forum.

On the menu, explore the most recent French VR content productions (most have no language barrier) organised around 4 thematics :

  • Immerse yourself into art
  • 20 years of History with the support of Histoire
  • 360 Stories by GoPro
  • Between Sky and Sea





BACHIBOUZOUK is a studio founded in April 2015 by Laurent Duret. It produces quality documentary programs, try new storytelling forms and wish, above everything, to open to the world with enthousiasm and curiosity, to have a better understanding of it. Lately, Bachibouzouk produced Jacques Sarasin’s La Guerre de Imams (Public Sénat, TSR), Antoine Bonin et Estelle Djana’s Les Mots Doux, Olivier Dubuquoy and Laetitia Moreau’s Zone Rouge … and, in co-production with Black Euphoria, the VR HTC Vive Kandinsky App and the VR Histoires d’Espaces App.


Black Euphoria dreams, conceives and creates strong stories and pictures for its customers and for fun. Helped by a network of authors, photographs, producers, music composers in France and abroad, Black Euphoria includes very soon in its creative process every parties. The objective is to surprise, move and seduce.

Among these productions, the famous ExperimentBoy with more than 41 million views on Youtube is the pilot of an entertaining program initially made for TV, with Marc-Antoine Le Bret presenting the show, based on the principle of immediate time capture.


LE CUBE is a mobile device new generation allowing to transform a VR experience into a collective, participative and accessible experience. Co-produced by Black Euphoria and Bachibouzouk and distributed by Manufacture XN, le Cube is presented in exclusivity at Sunny Side of the Doc and then will be demonstrated at Avignon Festival.


Black Euphoria Facebook page 

Technology : 360° & relief map




The Big Adventure of a Little Line



Histoire d’Espaces





Founded in 1998, Upian has a dual activity, being both a new media production company, and a successful web agency, specialized in the design of media websites.


+33 (0)1 53 19 70 02 / +33 (0)1 53 19 70 03

Technology : sounds and tablets.

Content : 

The Great Animal Orchestra

The Grand Animal Orchestra offers you to engage in a unique interactive way with some of the work of Bernie Krause. Each module lets you discover through specific soundscapes, each with their own locality and temporality. In the form of a large orchestra, where you play the part of the conductor.




Narrative is a documentary production company for new medias, associated with Aubry & Guiguet and Modulo Digital, with the expertise of the Abbaye des Dames of Saintes to produce the 3D® Sound Voyage.


Technology : Mix reality, 3D sound recording

Content : 

Musicaventure de l’Abbaye aux Dames





Ocean School is an international learning programs born from a partnership between the National Film Board of Canada and Dalhousie University, which purpose is to get the interest of young people and educators for sciences thanks to the oceans. By mixing sciences, technologies, research and innovative content on ocean systems with revolutionary filming methods and a committed narration and distribution tools multi-platforms. the Ocean School has everything yo inspire the next generation of experts, entrepreneurs and leaders in the ocean sciences sector.


Technology : interactive tablets 

Content :


A series of  immersive VR and 360˚ experiences designed to engage a global audience. Ocean School 360˚ is delivered on head-mounted displays, tablets, smartphones and in VR-enabled web browsers. Users can explore immersive environments to discover a series of augmented reality vignettes that present additional content related to the person, place, creature and issue at hand.




In the Art, Culture and Heritage sectors, ArtofCorner produces a unique Virtual Reality User Experience and distribute digital and material products worldwide.


Frédéric PURGAL CEO & Founder +33(0)666 91 33 51

Technology : VR, Oculus

Content :  

Virtual Guided Tour of Utrillo Museum Workshop.



44 Screens is a leading studio for augmented realities experiences for culture, tourism and heritage (museum, castles and historical sites) is pressent in France, Spain and Canada and offers its own solution.


Lionel Guillaume, CEO 09 70 44 99 66

Technology : Augmented Reality

Content :

Musée de la Mer des Iles de la Madeleine


L’abbaye de Villers en Belgique


Le château de Beaugency



Mosquito est un atelier de création de design interactif qui mène des recherches autour de la conception de nouveaux outils numériques dans le but de créer de nouvelles écritures pour la médiation culturelle. Depuis 1996, Mosquito produit des dispositifs innovants, des scénographies numériques, des systèmes immersifs, des table tactiles et des sites Internet pour les lieux de culture.


Emmanuel Rouillier Mosquito, Digital creator for culture places 01 47 70 00 11

Technology : Table tactile, espace immersif, serious game,VR, Oculus

Content : 

Be a Bee




Réseau Canopé is an educative transmedia source publisher (prints, digital, mobile & TV) supervised by the Ministry of National Education, Higher Education and Research and answers the education community’s needs. It is a major actor in the renew of education mixing innovation and learning to help school enter the digital era.

Contact :

Content :

En route pour Mars – On the road to Mars : A new learning experience

With Réseau Canopé, immerse yourself in an interstellar trip, discover Mars in VR and pilot your rover on the martian grounds. Several activities are offered around the red planet exploration. The program includes coding and robotic to learn how to pilot the robot on the martial floors thanks to LEGO Mindstorm kits, a tour of Mars with the Curiosity rover via Google Cardboard headset and Google Expeditions Apps and finally a 360° immersion in the Martian sky.




ECPAD, is the Defence photography agency since 1915 and own an archive collection of 12 millions of pictures and 31 000 movie titles, progressively digitized and constantly completed with military reporters productions, Defence organizations funds and donations.

In order to witness the commitment of French forces all around the world, it guarantees a constant report team trained in operational filming conditions. ECPAD, as an actor for remembering, is a film producer and co-producer, publications editor and co-editor and contribute to exhibition.



Content :

Committed to Healthcare

From the Great War to today, women have played an essential role in healthcare given to injured soldiers and victims during major sanitary crisis.

SSA, the Military Healthcare Department is the most feminized of the Defence Department with more than 58% women including more than 40% women officers.

This exhibition is a tribute to women healthcare workers, presented here through 20 pictures. Thanks to the Aurasma app, you can access added content, archives, witnesses or even news documentaries to grow your experience.

Download the app, scan the picture and live the augmented reality experience.




Les Nouvelles Images du Réel : a public meeting on Espace Encan’s Parvis. 

“How the virtual reality modifies our relation with reality. What is our place as creator or audience?”

For 3 days, from Monday, 19 June to Wednesday 21 June, between 4pm and 5pm, an author will come to talk about its own use of new technologies in its documentary work process. 

A better comprehension of the world or an image manipulation, VR is giving in any cases another vision of reality.  Come attend these meetings to better understand the work process of an author and his relation with new tech in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Free entrance.






Groupe AB is an independent publisher, producer and distributor of content destined for French speakers Europe.  The group is principally involved in producing and distributing television series, TV movies, cartoons and documentaries as well as editing the associated television channels and digital services. 

The group has a portfolio of 19 channels, widely distributed in French-speaking areas of Europe and Africa.  Groupe AB is one of the biggest and most diverse content managers in France with a catalogue of over 12 000 hours of programs and around 50 hours a year of in-house documentary productions.  Groupe AB is a part of Mediawan.

More information is available on the Groupe AB website:

« Mon Science & Vie Junior »

« Mon Science & Vie Junior » is an application entirely dedicated to sciences for children and teenagers!

Discover a fun and learning app with more than 1000 programs dedicated to sciences and discovery, adapted to everbody’s mood and level.


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