“The interest of new media is to bring a new idea of narrative, new ways of consuming content. This is where the meaning of what new writing is can be found.”

Yves Jeanneau, CEO of Sunny Side Markets

The incursion of new screens, new ways of consuming images means that creation needs to be rethought, not only in linear content, but also in delinearised and interactive – even immersive – content. Since 2014, Sunny Lab has become an event in its own right, with unique programming made up of pitches, panels and case studies around interactive documentaries and transmedia, all marked with the seal of innovation.
Sunny Lab is also a space dedicated to innovation in the heart of the Encan exhibition hall. Always in a voluntarist approach to open up new territories, Sunny Lab 2016 will give a good place to several themes which will be the trends of tomorrow.

What about Sunny Lab 2016

Pitching sessions

Digital Creation Pitch @Agora Tuesday 21 June – 9.30 : 6 projects will be selected, among all narrative approaches and all interactive storytelling available : animation, live action, documentary, game, digital, non linear documentaries…

For the first time, Sunny Side will accept submissions of cross-platform projects and new digital narrative forms across all thematic pitching sessions : read more.


4 panels will enable international speakers to present projects, innovations and share about the new ways of alternative storytelling.

  • Panel – Gaming and Doc @Agora, Tuesday 21 June – 11.30 : When videogames meets documentaries. Is it time for Factual Gaming ?

Moderator: Benjamin Hoguet
Sponsored by Bell Fund (Canada)
Speakers :
– Florent Maurin (The Pixel Hunt)
– Vali Fugulin (Auteur)
– Noam Roubah (Darjeeling Production)
– Francis Ingrand (Plugin Digital)

  • Panel – Data journalism @Agora, Tuesday 21 June- 15.30 : Documentary, the new echo chamber of data journalism

Moderated by Marianne Bouchard (Data Journalism Awards)
Coproduced with Global Editors Network (GEN)
Intervenants :
– Chris Roper (International Center For Journalists – ICFJ)
– Cécile Schillis-Gallego, (International Consortium of Investigate Journalists – ICIJ)
– Antonin Lhote (France Télévisions)
– Agnès Chauveau (INA)

  • Panel– VR @Auditorium, Tuesday 21 June – 16.30 : Is VR a 360° vector of influence for documentary ?

Moderated by Alexandre Michelin
Coproduced with le Centre Phi Montréal
Intervenants :
– Antoine Cayrol (Okio Studio)
– Marianne Levy-Leblond (‎ARTE)
– Louis-Richard Tremblay (ONF – ‎Office National du Film du Canada)
– Arnaud Dressen (Honkytonk Films)
– Jens Monath (ZDF)

  • Panel– Branded Content @Agora, Wednesday 22 June 22 12.00: If Brands use documentaries for their communication strategy, who wins most?

Moderated by Ruth Berry, Consultant, Terra Mater Factual Studios, Austria
Coproduced with Documentary Campus
Intervenants :
– Kim Dormann (Fyre Films)
– Michael Kot (Saloon Media)
– Cédric Monnier (Flamefy)

Docunexion : 2nd edition

With the success in 2015, Sunny Side of the Doc, Makila, a Montreal-based production coop and Montreal International Documentary Festival  RIDM have renewed their partnership Docunexion 2016-2017.

This cultural exchange aims to foster and expand the already existing ties between the two territories through workshops, case studies and opportunities that allow producers of non linear projects from both sides of the ocean to connect and share their knowledge and their experiences.

How it works

Next June, 5 interactive projects will be pitched during the Docunexion workshop (June 20, 17.30 @Agora).

In addition to that, several panels will have crossed content with the next RIDM 2016 edition in november.


New screens, new writing, new broadcasting windows… In this changing context which technological innovations can the documentary use to reinvent itself ?
That is the challenge fo the 15 minutes R&D presentations in the Agora entitled « R&D Exclusives » which will enable professionals to get a better understanding of technologies they may use one day.


Understanding innovation… by user experience!
This huge challenge will be the key vault of the Encan exhibition hall where exhibitors will present their latest innovations. Last year, VR headsets, drones and Ultra-HD cameras were the most highlighted among others…