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Come explore this new market at Sunny Side of the Doc 2017!


play-arrow (3)Digital technology is everywhere. It’s gaining pace and transforming the way we do and see things. New practices have emerged and they’re so widespread that it’s given birth to a whole new domain: “Digital Culture”. Digital experiences are on the increase in the cultural, leisure, tourism and educational sectors – you’ll find a huge variety of realities crossover.


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The majority of museums, heritage sites, tourist attractions, community centres, discovery centres and tourism organisations must grab the opportunity and make the most of the digital revolution and new technologies available.


play-arrow (2)Using 360° video and virtual and augmented realities, you can connect to new audiences, improving both the way you produce and show content. A major international event such as Sunny Side of the Doc is duty-bound to facilitating access to this burgeoning market that’s creating jobs. We hope to foster encounters and synergy between all industry delegates gathered for this new “Digital Culture” segment.




We are producers of documentary content.

- Almost 850 producers in attendance, here in the aisles of Sunny Side of the Doc.

- We’re on the look out for new resources for live action production that’s either produced or to be produced for new distribution channels.

- Join forces with new, innovative technology to develop new forms of storytelling within the documentary format.

We are from public authorities or cultural, tourism, education, leisure, location-based industries.

- Our strategy is to integrate more and more digital content. We’re looking for innovative ideas and interactive technological devices.

- We’re expected to add value to our structure and improve the visitor experience, making it more interactive, reaching a larger, younger and more connected audience.

- We’d like to benefit from Sunny Side of the Doc’s expertise to enhance our professional network and discuss issues around digital culture.

We are innovative studios and technology businesses.

- We bring technical solutions and new applications concerning live action production.

- We’re looking for new clients to commercialise our technological devices.

- We’re looking to build links with content producers to diversify our business and capitalise on our R&D in new fields.



Develop your network and reputation by having access to a market of 2,000 industry delegates coming from 60 different countriesBenefit from the documentary industry’s expertise across a programme combining innovation and creativity through conferences and debates on this year’s theme of “History”.

This year’s objective is to promote the market’s innovative and creative dynamic, by privileging emerging high value-added content:

In tune with new consumer trends both fun and digital & towards new distribution channels and new ways of culture and knowledge transfer.

PiXii – Paths of Interaction, eXperiences in Immersion & Innovation

PiXii is the echo chamber of synergies at work in the “Digital Culture” area.

Industry delegates (in the morning) and the general public (in the afternoon) will be able to try out mainly group devices showcasing sound, virtual and augmented reality and immersive experiences.


Partipate Kick-Starters, around one thematic per day :
Heritage & History Day (June 19), Tourism Day (June 20), Remarkable Sites & Giant Screens Day (June 21) and  Ocean & Wildlife Day (June 22).

Immersive guided tour of the Sunny Side of the Doc market and PiXii’s interactive experiences. The “French Creative” group stand truly is an incubator putting innovative French businesses in digital culture to the forefront.

This 200 m² space is for international businesses showcasing new practices and applications concerning live action production. The space is open to businesses, labs, institutions and agencies developing :

- Technical solutions directly applicable to a documentary narrative

-Video games, animation, virtual or augmented reality technologies providing new tools for interaction, post-production or animation 

- New filming solutions, drones, autonomous cameras, 4K, 8K or more, 3D sound recording (binaural, ambisonics) 

- New media or software for e-learning, museums or tourism.


- Share and exchange knowledge and experiences, with presentations on successful synergies  and technology demonstrations applied to the theme of the day - open to all delegates.

- Targeted networking sessions in the form of invite-only cocktail lunches, helping you to network, visualise your projects and meet your future business or creative partner.