Sunny Side of the Doc brings you face-to-face with 300 key decision makers from around the world, the people who can make a real difference to your documentary projects’ development. Join them to develop your international network, find your coproduction partners and learn more about the international documentary market.

You will find below some of the international decision makers and buyers who have already confirmed their participation in Sunny Side of the Doc 2017.



ABC – Australia Steve BIBB Head of Factual
SBS Television Krishan ARORA International Content Consultant
Screen Australia Miranda CULLEY Investment Manager, Documentary


Orfiii Otto SCHWARZ Executive Producer, Factual
Servus TV Reinhard KELLER Assistant Head of Acquisitions
Servus TV Sylvia SCHMOELLER Head of Acquisitions



RTBF – Belgium Isabelle CHRISTIAENS Commissioning Editor
RTBF – Belgium Françoise PASTEEL Executive Producer
RTBF – Belgium Marc BOUVIER Head of Documentaries
RTBF – Belgium Patrice GOLDBERG Head of Science
Viewcom Jean-Luc STERCKX General Manager
VRT – Belgium Tom BLEYAERT Buyer, Factual and Documentaries

Bosnia and Herzegovina

BHRT – Bosnia and Herzegovina Ehlimana KATICA Head of Foreign Programmes


Canal Brasil Henry GALSKY Content & Projects Coordinator
Canal Curta! Camila LAMHA Chanel Curator
Globo News Renée CASTELO BRANCO Comissioning editor



CBC – Canada Susan DANDO Head of Science & Natural History Unit

National Film Board of Canada

David OPPENHEIM Producer
SRC – Canada Jacinthe BRISEBOIS Senior Director, Specialty Channels – ICI ARTV & ICI Explora
SRC – Canada Jean PELLETIER Senior Director, TV News Information


BTV – Documentary Channel Wei YAN Deputy Director
CCTV9 Yan SHI Deputy Controllor
CCTV9 Yuan TIAN Head of Acquisition & co-productions
CICC Shuiqing JING Vice President
Hunnan Golden Eagle Doc Channel Jisheng TU Brand manager
SMG – Shanghai Media Group Ying (Lisa) MENG Content Acquisition & Marketing Analysis Manager
Xi’an Cloud Vision Television Culture Huan LI General Manager

Czech Republic

Czech Television Marketa STINGLOVA Head of International Co-Productions



DFI – Danish Film Institute Ane MANDRUP Head of the Documentary Unit
DR – Denmark Flemming HEDEGAARD Channel Editor



ERR – Estonian Public Broadcasting Viola SALU Acquisition Executive (Documentaries)



YLE – Finland Susa HÖLTTÄ Executive Producer
YLE – Finland Tiina Torikka TORIKKA Executive Producer, Science
YLE – Finland Raimo LANG Head of Developement & Skills Training


AB Thématiques Antonia STEFANOVA Head of Documentaries Acquisitions
AB Thématiques Marie DE MAUBLANC Head of documentary channels and productions
AB Thématiques Richard MAROKO President of AB Thematiques
Arte France Marie-Hélène GIROD Commissioning Editor
Arte France Nadine PELLET-ZWICK Commissioning Editor
Arte France Anne GROLLERON Commissioning Editor, History
Arte France Marie BEUZARD Commissioning Editor, Science
Arte France Rachel ADOUL Commissioning Editor, Society & Culture
Arte France Anne CHARBONNEL Commissioning Editor, Society & Culture
Arte France Karen MICHAEL Commissioning Editor, Society & Culture
Arte France Laurène MANSUY Commissioning Editor, Specialist Factual
Arte France Marie BERTHOUMIEU Commissioning Editor/ Web Department
Arte France Mark EDWARDS Commissioning editor
Arte France Ali DELICI Deputy Director, Arts Department
Arte France Alain WIEDER Deputy Director, Projects
Arte France Alex SZALAT Deputy Director, Society & Culture
Arte France Hélène GANICHAUD Deputy Director, Specialist Factual
Arte France Véronique RABUTEAU Deputy Director, Specialist Factual
Arte France Pierrette OMINETTI Director, Programs and Productions
Arte France Bruno PATINO Editorial Director
Arte France Emelie DE JONG Head of Arts Department
Arte France Gilles FREISSINIER Head of Digital Department
Arte France Alec HERRMAN Head of prebuys & acquisitions
Arte France Fabrice PUCHAULT Head of Society & Culture Department
Arte France Hélène COLDEFY Head of Specialist Factual
ARTE GEIE Catherine LE GOFF Commissioning Director
ARTE GEIE Peter GOTTSCHALK Commissioning Editor, TV/web, History
ARTE GEIE Christian COOLS Commissionning editor
ARTE GEIE Claire ISAMBER Head of Culture
ARTE GEIE Alexandr VON HARLING Head of Specialist factual
ARTE GEIE Claudia BUCHER Head of THEMA & Geopolitics
Canal + Philippe DE BOURBON Editorial Director, Documentaries
Canal + Francoise FEUILLYE Editorial Director, Documentaries
Canal + Olivier AGOGUE Editorial Director, PLANETE+
Canal + Benoit ILLES Editorial Director, PLANETE+ A&E
Canal + Laurie DUMAS Editorial Director, PLANETE+ CI
Canal + Isabelle ANTRAYGUE Head of Acquisitions, PLANETE+
Canal + Christine CAUQUELIN Head of Channels, PLANETE+
Canal + Diego BUNUEL Head of Documentaries, CANAL+
Canal + Delia BALDESCHI Head of Programmes, PLANETE+
Equidia Yves BRUEZIERE Head of programmes
Equidia Arnaud GUILBERT Programme Manager
Fox International Channels France Benedicte RENOU Editorial Director
Fox International Channels France Marika PUISEUX Head of Programming
Fox International Channels France Sabrina KACI Senior Manager, Original Content
France 24 Loïck BERROU Deputy Director, Magazines and Reports
France Medias Monde Jean-Emmanuel CASALTA Director, Strategy & Development
France Télévisions Amel COGARD Digital Director, Youth & education, FTV Nouvelles écritures & éducation
France Télévisions Annick JAKOBOWICZ Editorial advisor, FTV Nouvelles écritures
France Télévisions Gwenaëlle SIGNATE Editorial advisor, FTV Nouvelles écritures & éducation
France Télévisions Pierre BLOCK DE FRIBERG Head of new content & innovation, FTV Nouvelles écritures & éducation
France Télévisions Marc DEGLI-ESPOSTI Programme and broadcasting director, Corsica
France Télévisions Elyesse FAGRACH Project manager, in charge of acquisitions, FTV Nouvelles écritures & éducation
France Télévisions – France 2 Caroline GLORION Commissioning editor
France Télévisions – France 2 Alexandre MARIONNEAU Commissioning editor
France Télévisions – France 2 Sophie POIRIER-LOUBERT Commissioning editor
France Télévisions – France 2 Julie GRIVAUX Deputy Head of Documentaries
France Télévisions – France 2 Catherine ALVARESSE Head of documentaries
France Télévisions – France 3 Danièle BENICHOU Commissioning editor
France Télévisions – France 3 Louis CASTRO Commissioning editor
France Télévisions – France 3 Florence JAMMOT Commissioning editor
France Télévisions – France 3 Olivier DAUBE Deputy Head of Documentaries
France Télévisions – France 3 Clémence COPPEY Head of documentaries
France Télévisions – France 3 Emmanuel MIGEOT Head of Documentaries
France Télévisions – France 3 Olivier MONTELS Programme and broadcasting director
France Télévisions – France 4 Caroline MARC Commissioning editor
France Télévisions – France 4 Charles-Henri ROYER Head of Documantaries, Current affairs & Edutainment
France Télévisions – France 5 Marie-Pierre CHAZEAU Commissioning editor
France Télévisions – France 5 Dominique FERRE Commissioning editor
France Télévisions – France 5 Céline GANDNER Commissioning editor
France Télévisions – France 5 Laurence HAMELIN Commissioning editor
France Télévisions – France 5 Anne ROUCAN Commissioning editor
France Télévisions – France 5 Sophie CHEGARAY Commissioning editor
France Télévisions – France 5 Thierry MINO Deputy Head of Acquisitions and International Co-productions
France Télévisions – France 5 Renaud ALLILAIRE Deputy Head of documentaries and factual
France Télévisions – France 5 Isabelle MORAND-FRENETTE Deputy Head of Documentaries, in charge of coordination
France Télévisions – France 5 Anne GOURAUD Deputy Head of Documentaries, in charge of pre-buys
France Télévisions – France 5 Caroline BEHAR Head of documentaries, France 5 & Head of acquisitions & international coproductions, France Télévisions
France Télévisions – France Ô Aurélie HAMELIN-MANSION Commissioning Editor
France Télévisions – France Ô Pierre WATRIN Commissioning editor, History
France Télévisions – France Ô Walles KOTRA Executive Director, in charge of Overseas
France Télévisions – France Ô Béatrice NIVOIS Head of Documentaries
France Télévisions – Première Luc DE SAINT-SERNIN Director of the Overseas Network
France Télévisions Distribution Christel DELAHAYE Head of acquisitions
INA Laurent VALLET General Director
KTO tv Eszter HAMARD Acquisition & coproduction manager
KTO tv Olivier BRAILLON Head of Programmes
LCP – La Chaîne Parlementaire – Assemblée Nationale Delphine PIANTA Commissioning Editor
LCP – La Chaîne Parlementaire – Assemblée Nationale Isabella PISANI Head of Co-productions & Acquisitions
M6 – Métropole Télévision Eugénie DE BONNAFOS Acquisition Manager
M6 – Métropole Télévision Elise CAULLIEZ Acquisitions Adviser
M6 – Métropole Télévision Marie JAFFRENNOU Acquisitions manager
Oito TV Pascal ALBERTINI President
Public Senat

Public Sénat

Public Sénat







Head of Acquisitions, Documentaries & Fiction

Chief Editor Assistant /Head of Magazines & Documentaries

Head of Programs, Documentaries

RMC Découverte Guenaëlle TROLY Deputy CEO
RMC Découverte Corentin GLUTRON Head of Acquisitions
RMC Découverte Rodolphe GUIGNARD Head of production and broadcast
RMC Découverte Séverine GOURINCHAS Production and braodcast manager
SHINE Brice MARION Head of Programs, Documentaries
TF1 Reine Valérie BENSAÏD Head of Documentaries
TF1 Thématiques Christophe SOMMET CEO
TF1 Thématiques Annabel GAIN Head of Acquisitions and Co-productions
TF1 Thématiques Elisabeth HAGSTEDT Head of Acquisitions, Co-productions & Programming
TV5MONDE Delphine MANOURY Commissioning editor
TV5MONDE Christophe ASSEZAT Head of Acquisitions, Documentaries & Fiction



ARD / NDR Thorge THOMSEN Commissioning Editor
ARD / NDR Marc BRASSE Commissioning Editor, History
ARD / NDR Ralf QUIBELDEY Head of Nature and Discovery & Wildlife Programs
ARD / SWR Achim STREIT Commissioning Editor
ARD / SWR Ulla REHBEIN Commissioning editor
ARD / SWR Kirsten PRALLER Commissioning Editor “Planet School”
ARD / SWR Simone REUTER Commissioning Editor, Culture
ARD / SWR Rolf SCHLENKER Commissioning editor, Science
ARD / SWR Martin SCHNEIDER Commissioning editor, Science
ARD / WDR Birgit KELLER-REDDEMANN Commissioning editor
ARD / WDR Beate SCHLANSTEIN Commissioning Editor, Documentaries Culture and History
n-tv Nachrichtenfernsehen Gabi NENSEL Head of Primetime
Prosiebensat.1 Tv Deutschland Veronique HOFMANN Commissioning Editor Factual
Prosiebensat.1 Tv Deutschland Neele HIRNER Senior Commissioning Editor, Factual
Spiegel TV GmbH Michael KLOFT Director of Programming, SPIEGEL Geschichte
Spiegel TV GmbH Elvira LIND Head of Acquisitions & Sales
WeltN24 Media Astrid STEINMEYER Head of Factual Acquisitions and Co-productions
ZDF Ann-Christin HORNBERGER Commissioning Editor
ZDF Ricarda SCHLOSSHAN Commissioning Editor, Terra X


Hong Kong

PCCW HO YIN, DICK HUI Acquisitions Executive
PCCW Cho Lam NG Assistant Acquisition officer
Phoenix Satellite TV Co. Ltd. Pei GUO Acquisitions Executive



 Ayat Media Mohsen BARMAHANI CEO


RTE Sean MAC GIOLLA PHADRAIG Assistant Commissioning Editor of Factual Programmes
TG4 Deirbhile NI CHURRAIGHIN Acquisitions & Commissioning Executive
TG4 Proinsias NI GHRAINNE Commissioning Editor


Yes DBS Avital LAVIE Acquisitions Executive


Fondo Audiovisivo FVG Allessandro GROPPLERO Film Commissioner
RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana Maria Laura AJMME Acquisitions executive
RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana Olivella FORESTA Buyer
RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana Duilio GIAMMARIA Commissioning Editor, Petrolio, RAI1
RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana Markus NIKEL Consultant International Projects
RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana Daniele CERIONI Director
RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana Patrizia LIMONGI Documentary Acquisition Executive – Editorial Staff
RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana Monica BARTOLI Senior Producer, Petrolio, Rai 1
Sky Italia Guido CASALI Programming Manager



NHK – Japan Ken-Ichi IMAMURA Commissioning Editor Medicine & Education Documentaires
NHK – Japan Takeshi SHIBASAKI Executive Producer
NHK – Japan Yuri SUDO Senior Producer, International Coproductions



LTV (LTV1, LTV7)- Latvian Television Sarlote LIDUMA Head of Acquisitions


LRT – Lithuania Junita BUDVYTIENE Head of Acquisitions



ASTRO All Asia Networks Abdul Hakim Amir NAZRI Assistant Vice President, Content Strategy & Innovation
WiseMe Media Sdn Bhd Nurul Syatirah BT. ABU SAFRAN GM of Content – Asia Pacific


SPR Armando CARILLO President


TV 2M Réda BENJELLOUN Head of Documentaires



AVRO Television Marijke HUIJBREGTS Commissioning Editor
AVRO Television Jessica RASPE Commissioning Editor


NFI – Norwegian Film Institute Helle HANSEN Film Commissioner
NRK – Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Fredrik FÆRDEN Acquisition executive
NRK – Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation Tore TOMTER Commissioning Editor



ABS-CBN Global Edgar LEGASPI Global Content Head


Telewizja Polska Anna FERENS Head of Documentaries, Channel 1
Telewizja Polska Magdalena BOROWSKA Documentary Buyer & Commissioning editor
Telewizja Polska Olga MOSKALEWICZ Senior Acquisitions Executive


RTP Camilo AZEVEDO Documentary Commissioning Editor
RTP 2 Maria João SAINT MAURICE Deputy director from RTP 2
RTP1 Daniel DEUSDADO Programming Director



Aljazeera Documentary Channel Jamel DALLALI Manager of Production


South Korea

KBS – Korean Broadcasting System Jeong Joong KIM Director of Acquisition & Chief Producer of Programming Strategy
SBS Jong Il KIM Deputy Chief Producer


Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific Rohit THARANI Head of Content – Southeast Asia
Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific Bryan SEAH Head of Original Content


SVT  – Radio and television of Slovakia Jaroslav ROZSIVAL Programme Buyer, Commissioning editor


RTV – Radio Televizija Slovenija Barbara ZRIMSEK Head of Programme for Education


AMC Networks International – Iberia Gimena ARENSBURG Programming Director, Odisea | Odisseia | Natura
Movistar+ Pilar CANALES Head of Documentaries and non-scripted programmes Acquisition
Olympic Channel Nicolas DELLOYE Commissioning Editor
Telefonica Audiovisual Digital Maria Eugenia RODRIGUEZ NUÑEZ Product Strategy Responsable


SVT – Sveriges Television Henrik EKMAN Acquisitions Executive
SVT – Sveriges Television Mikael OSTERBY Head of Factual Acquisitions


RTS Radio Télévision Suisse Karine PAPAZIAN Buyer & Commissioning Editor
RTS Radio Télévision Suisse Gaspard LAMUNIÈRE Commissioning editor
RTS Radio Télévision Suisse Frédéric PFYFFER Commissioning editor



Sky Digi Entertainment Co. Tiffany WANG General Manager


United Arab Emirates

Al Arabiya News Channel Mohamad SOUEID Head of documentaries
ICFLIX Sohail ANJUM Content Specialist

United Kingdom

BBC Media Centre Shanida SCOTLAND Development & Commissioning Editor, Storyville
BBC Worldwide Amy DOWSETT Commercial Manager, Natural History & Science
BBC Worldwide Rebecca BROWN Commercial Manager, Specialist Factual
Earth Touch Susan LEE Head of Acquisitions
Guardian News & Media Charlie PHILLIPS Head of documentaries (multimedia)
Passion Distribution Ltd Jimmy HUMPHREY Head of Acquisitions
S4C Llion IWAN Head of Content Distribution
Sky Vision Andrew BOWERS Acquisitions Manager
Viasat World David PARK Programme Manager

United States of America

CuriosityStream Devin CHEEMA Head of Business Affairs & General Counsel
Illinois Public Media Maurice BRESNAHAN CEO
Illinois Public Media John LINDSAY Director of National / International Productions
Nat Geo WILD Meghan CASSIN Director of Development
PBS | WGBH | NOVA Melanie WALLACE Senior Series Producer NOVA
PBS International Tom KOCH Vice President
PBS/POV Tracy BECKETT Director, Program and Media Acquisitions
PBS/POV John MACFARLANE Special Projects Producer
Smithsonian Networks David ROYLE Executive Vice President, Programming & Production
WETA/26 Jeff BIEBER Vice President of Content & Executive Producer
WNET/THIRTEEN Michael KANTOR Executive Producer, American Masters
WNET/THIRTEEN Stephen SEGALLER Vice President, Programming



Vietnam Television (TVAd – VTV) Thao DO THI THU Executive
Vietnam Television (TVAd – VTV) Huong DUONG THI MAI Vice Manager