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2016 Eurovision Science & Knowledge Pitching Session

It will take place on Wednesday 22 June 2016 – 11:00 to 13:00 in the framework of the 27th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc, the international factual market, on its special SCIENCE DAY.

Where: Espace Encan / Auditorium

REGISTER HERE by Friday 9th of June: Commissioning editors participating in the EBU Science & Knowledge Pitching session will benefit from a free accreditation to the market.

7 projects proposals of an excellent quality have been have been selected to be pitched in front of all decision makers and broadcasters attending Sunny Side of the Doc (members and non-members of EBU) offering them an even greater potential to succeed.

Read the interview of Asta Dalman, the chairwoman of the Eurovision Science & Knowledge Group (Acquisitions Executive, UR), and Axel Arnö, the chairman of the Documentary Group (Commissioning Editor Documentaries & Current Affair, SVT).

When you present your projects be sure to describe your film in a way that it is clear what you actually will be able to show; what is unique and new; does it rely on good science; why is it important and what makes it cool?

Projects selection

11:00 Welcome and Opening

Pitch #1: Rosetta Mission – A Comet Tale/90’, 52’, 2×52’, 12×5’/Produced by Vincent Gaullier – Look At Sciences/Broadcaster: ARTE France

Pitch #2: Superplants – or How to Make Money From Saving the Environment/52’/Produced by André Schäfer & Markus Augé – Florian Film/Broadcaster: WDR

Pitch #3: Brain Beats/Produced by Stephanie von Lukowicz – Lukimedia / Broadcaster : TVE/ZDF/ARTE

Pitch #4: Human Trajectories/52’/Produced by Sébastien Gautier – TGA Production/ Adlib Films /Broadcaster: France 5

Pitch #5: Hormones and Huffs/52’/Produced by Tristan Chytroschek – A-O-Buero/Broadcaster: ZDF/ARTE

Pitch #6: The Body – Miracles of the Inner Social Network/Produced by Tekehiro Asai –  Broadcaster : NHK

Pitch #6: A Day of the Life of Planet Earth/ 120”, 2×60’/Produced by Jasper James – Screen Glue/Broadcaster: ZDF ESES


13:00 Closing