Schedule – Sunny Side of the Doc 2015

The marketplace and registration desk open on Monday 22 June at 9:00 – No badges will be handed before that time.

The 2015 edition of Sunny Side of the Doc, the international documentary market, will take place from 22 to 25 June at the Espace Encan in La Rochelle.

SSDGoesWUnder the label “Sunny Side Goes Wild”, the 26th edition will bring together 2,000+ producers, distributors, and broadcasters to discuss daily themes such as natural history and wildlife, science, history and transmedia documentaries.

Sunny Side of The Doc‘s conference programme will spotlight both linear and interactive documentaries that push back the boundaries of the genre and showcase the diversity of international documentary productions through 4 days of pitching, networking, screenings and discussion in a beautiful harbour side setting.

From “Go Global on Monday 22 June”, an essential step in a successful coproduction to the “History Day on Thurday 25 June” which gathers all documentary professionals involved in history programming under one roof; through the central theme of this edition – the “Natural History Day on Wednesday 24 June” – without forgetting the day dedicated to “Science on Tuesday 23 June”, which is experiencing a wonderful renaissance, particularly with the major events in France between 2015 and 2016 on global warming.

There will also be new opportunities for professionals with Meet the Executives enabling exchanges with TV executives, Hands-on Knowledge, and practical workshops run by specialists and designed for producers wanting to go international, along with R&D Exclusives to discover daring projects where creativity rhymes with technological innovation.

Sunny Lab: a 4-day programme focusing on a new reality
The incursion of new screens, new ways of consuming images means that creation has to be rethought, no longer being only linear but also delinearised and interactive. Sunny Lab has its own programme made up of pitches, panels and workshops exploring interactive documentaries, transmedia systems, all marked with the seal of innovation.

Note that the schedule is still subject to change. Please check back often as we will post frequent updates.


  • Registration opens09:00 > 19:00Registration Desk
  • Producing in the region: Which strategies should be employed on the verge of territorial reforms in France?10:30 > 12:00Conference Room (1st floor)This meeting aims at local politicians, managers and technicians from local authorities, in charge of setting up development policies to bring a clear visibility on initiatives and strategies capable of engendering the stimulating ecosystem and securing the activity of the audio-visual production sector, in particular for linear and non-linear documentaries.
    Participants :
    • Stéphane Malagnac - Moderator (Prop'ose)
    • Pascal Brunet - Speaker (Creative Europe Desk France - Relais Culture Europe )
    • Mathieu Hervé - Speaker (Sud Ouest)
    • Vincent Leclercq - Speaker (CNC - National Center for Cinematography)
    • Olivier Montels - Speaker (France Télévisions)
    • Estelle Robin You - Speaker (Les Films Du Balibari)

  • Panel: Focus on China11:30 > 13:00AuditoriumCome and meet with key members from Chinese documentary industry alliance, get a closer look at their co-production methods and models, and the latest doc platform App. Renowned documentary makers will come and share their connections with China and Chinese stories.
    Participants :
    • Elizabeth Helen McLeod - Moderator (CICC-China Intercontinental Communication Center)
    • Shuyun Sun - Moderator (Eos Films / UK)
    • Hervé Cauchy - Speaker (France Télévisions)
    • Vikram Channa - Speaker (Discovery Networks Asia-Pacific Pte Ltd)
    • Johnson Dean - Speaker (IFA Media)
    • Shuiqing Jing - Speaker (CICC-China Intercontinental Communication Center)
    • Kyle Murdoch - Speaker (NHNZ)

  • #SunnyLab Workshop Canada, the transmedia opportunities11:30 > 13:00AgoraCome and meet the main Canadian players for transmedia programs in Canada. What are the financing opportunities and potential for international co-productions?
    Participants :
    • Diego Briceño - Moderator (Makila)
    • Giulia Frati - Moderator (Cuban Hat Project)
    • Patricia Bergeron - Speaker (RIDM - Rencontres Internationales du Documentaire de Montréal)
    • Nathalie Clermont - Speaker (CMF/FMC - Canada Media Fund / Fonds des médias du Canada)
    • Harold Gendron - Speaker (SODEC - Société De Développement Des Entreprises Culturelles)
    • Elizabeth Radshaw - Speaker (Hot Docs Canadian International Documentary Festival )
    • Jenny Thibault - Speaker (ONF / NFB - National Film Board of Canada)
    • Thomas Wallner - Speaker (Deep Inc)

  • China - France Networking Lunch13:00 > 14:30Lounge (1st floor)Networking Lunch to welcome ever-growing cooperation between Chinese and French audiovisual industries. Hosted by CICC and Sunny Side of the Doc.
    By invitation.
  • Public Screening: "Taïga"14:00 > 14:52Grand Ecran - MédiathèqueDirected by Hamid Sardar
    Produced by Gérard Quéray and A Propos Productions
    French Version - No subtitles

    The Mongolian economy is thriving. Traditionnal values and mentalities are evolving an new connections with nature and wildlife are emerging. Like most of mongolian nomads, Purevjav is a hunter tempted by the idea of easy money, he decided to capture some wolf cubs in their dens so he could raise them and sell them.

    Participants :
    • Gérard Queray - Speaker (DCMP- Dream Catcher Motion Pictures)
    • Hamid Sardar - Speaker (DCMP- Dream Catcher Motion Pictures)

  • R&D Exclusives: Sunfony Sound Lounger14:30 > 15:00AgoraDo you know body listening? We present you a whole new immersive way of listening. Designed by composer Michel Redolfi, pioneer of Underwater Music concerts, The Sunfony Sound Lounger is a new approach to sound and to your senses, as well as a whole new world of opportunities for transmedia projects - where the sound is King!
    Presented by Cézame Music.

    Participants :
    • Ilan Urroz - Moderator (Primi - Pole Regional Image Multimedia Internet)
    • Fabien Bermant - Speaker (Cezame Music Agency)
    • Michel Redolfi - Speaker (Sunfony)

  • 'The Enemy'14:30 > 19:00'The Enemy' Prototype (1st floor)“The enemy is always invisible. When it becomes visible, it ceases to be an enemy”. Famous war photographer Karim Ben Khelifa sheds a new light on conflicts and their participants, on their often common motivations. Come and experience every day at first hand “The Enemy”s virtual and engaging world through Oculus Rift.
    Co-produced by Camera Lucida, France Télévisions Nouvelles Ecritures, Emissive and INA.
  • Presentation of the Market for NewComers14:30 > 15:00Conference Room (1st floor)First time at the market? Come and learn from the Sunny Side of the Doc team how to benefit fully from your attendance.
    Participants :
    • Andrés Avila Reyes - Speaker (Sunny Side of the Doc)

  • Presentation by the CNC: Mid-term report on the COSIP Reforms 15:00 > 16:00AuditoriumStarting from January 2015, the CNC has started reforming the COSIP, refocusing its support to “more ambitious works, both artistically and economicaly.” The reform aims at supporting the development of scientific and historical documentaries, strengthening the transparency of the sector and encouraging the prefinancing of the international market. What are the outcomes of the mid-term?
    Participants :
    • Serge Gordey - Speaker (Alegria Productions)
    • Vincent Leclercq - Speaker (CNC - National Center for Cinematography)
    • Christophe Tardieu - Speaker (CNC - National Center for Cinematography)

  • Hands of Knowledge: Negotiating co-pros15:00 > 15:30Conference Room (1st floor)Negotiating complex co-productions, commissions and acquisitions... with producers, distributors, governmental agencies and broadcasters could turn soon a complete headache. In 30 minutes, global rights management guru Michelle Bruce explains facts, figures and pitfalls of the co-production business.
    Participants :
    • Michelle Bruce - Speaker (Belle Vie TV)

  • #SunnyLab Workshop France - the Docunexion Initiative Quebec - France16:00 > 18:00AgoraA 3-part Session:

    1. Masterclass on the new feature film “Seasons” directed by Jacques Perrin. Pierre Cattan, Stéphane Durand and Nicolas Elghozi talk about their collaboration on the transmedia Science aspect created around Perrin’s film; a poetic chronical of Nature & Wildlife.

    2. INA presents its strategy for innovative narratives and the Prize-Winners of its call for transmedia projects including “The Enemy” by Karim Ben Khelifa -- launched in January.

    3. Special pitch session of 5 projects from French regions in front of international decision makers. A professional jury will be selecting the best projet to participate in the next edition of RIDM in Montreal.

    - “Sea is My Country”, produced by Les Films du Balibari and Once Upon (Prix MooviN 2014).
    - “Waiting for Léo”, produced by Ladybirds Fictions (Pôle Media Grand Paris)
    - “Find Me in Kakuma”, produced by Zéro De Conduite Production (Pictanovo)
    - “Heroes of Marseilles” – “Marseille, la ville dont je suis le héros”, produced by Tabasco Video (PRIMI)
    - “Characters”, produced by Les Films Du Square (Imaginove)

    Participants :
    • Diego Briceño - Moderator (Makila)
    • Giulia Frati - Moderator (Cuban Hat Project)
    • Pierre Cattan - Speaker (Small Bang)
    • Gaël Chatelain - Speaker (INA - Institut National de l'Audiovisuel)
    • Stéphane Durand - Speaker (Galatée Films)
    • Chloé Jarry - Speaker (Camera Lucida Productions)

  • Workshop: Sony goes Wild16:00 > 17:00Agora CaféSony invites you to share the ultimate 4K experience with the documentary 'Freedom' and doc series 'La France du Bout du Monde' on screen, with their producer Muriel Barra.

    'Freedom' Film written & directed by Muriel Barra and Jacques-Olivier Travers
    As part of a larger animal conservation project, "freedom, an eagle takes flight" is a wildlife fictional documentary. It is a documentary of 90’00 (another version of 52’00), many press events across the globe, an education programme and global conservation programmes. This documentary will be screened on Monday 22 June at 18:00 at CGR Dragon

    'La France du Bout du Monde' is a Lato Sensu and MC4 co-production, for France 5 / Ushuaïa TV / TV5 Monde.
    The ambitious project for this documentary series is to allow TV viewers to travel on the back on an Eagle across the most beautiful French landscapes. Wonderful images make you discover a nature & often unknown species.

    Participants :
    • Muriel Barra - Speaker (Lato Sensu Productions)

  • Public Screening: "The Bat man of Mexico"16:00 > 17:00Grand Ecran - MédiathèqueDirected by Tom Mustill
    Produced by Windfall Films
    French Version - No Subtitles

    Rodrigo 'The Bat Man of Mexico', has been saving the amazing bats of his homeland since childhood. Now his favorite drink, Tequila, is at stake. The bat that pollenates the plant the liquor comes from is in trouble, and Rodrigo must track their migration to save them. Braving hurricanes, snakes, Mayan tombs and seas of cockroaches in a heartwarming and breathtaking conservation success story.

    Participants :
    • David Dugan - Speaker (Windfall Films)

  • Pitch Session: Global Issues 16:30 > 18:00Auditorium6 documentary projects in advanced development and looking for funding will be pitched in front of an audience of decision makers for their views, guided by two experienced moderators. The sessions are open to all. The pitches also have a chance of prizes in cash and in kind at the Sunny Side awards. Sponsored by RTBF & SRC Canada.
    Participants :
    • Ruby Chen - Moderator (Cnex Foundation Limited)
    • Ove Rishøj Jensen - Moderator (EDN - European Documentary Network)

  • Rare Media Showcase18:00 > 19:00AgoraFounded in 2001, Rare Media is one of China’s leading documentary content providers and distributors. Rare produces more than 70 minutes of new content per day, packing with other content acquired from domestic and foreign market, combined as a two and a half hours daily slot named as “Raredoc Time”, which was aired synchronously in our own terrestrial broadcasting network.
    Speaker:Hai Tian (Rare Media)
    Participants :
    • Yuqi (Mike) Ning - Speaker (Rare Media)
    • Hai Tian - Speaker (Rare Media)

  • Public Screening: "Freedom, an Eagle takes flight"18:00 > 19:30Grand Ecran - CGR DragonDirected by Muriel Barra et Jacques-Olivier Travers
    Produced by Lato Sensu Productions et Ushuaïa TV
    French Version - No Subtitles

    The film is a story about a chance encounter between two sea eagles : Roï living in the wild in France and Kaaba that had been in captivity for years. The wild bird is free but alone. It soars majestically, but lives a harsh existence. We watch the second bird stagger into freedom under the watchful eye of a man who has decided to change the bird’s fate.

    Participants :
    • Muriel Barra - Speaker (Lato Sensu Productions)
    • Annabel Gain - Speaker (TF1 Thématiques)
    • Christophe Sommet - Speaker (TF1 Thématiques)

  • EDN Drinks18:00 > 19:00on Standon stand C18
  • Pictanovo Interactive Drinks18:15 > 19:00Restaurant
  • Opening Reception19:00 > 20:30External Venue Join your fellow delegates at the Espace Encan to celebrate 10 years of Sunny Side of the Doc in La Rochelle. Hosted by the City of La Rochelle, sponsored by Illinois Public Media & Chateau de Parnay Wines.
  • Public Screening: "Night on Earth"20:00 > 21:30Grand Ecran - CGR DragonDirected by Thierry Machado
    Produced by Winds, Galatée Films, NHK
    French Version - No Subtitles

    The incredible odyssey of a baby elephant and his family traveling hundreds of kilometers through the wildest and most desolate landscapes of Sub-Saharan Africa... The unrelenting heat of the day progressively forces them to travel by night. This little elephant family immerses us in the mysterious and fascinating nocturnal world of the great African Savanna.

    Participants :
    • Barthélémy Fougea - Speaker (Winds)