Schedule Overview / Sunny Side of the Doc 2015

Celebrating its 26th year, Sunny Side of the Doc puts the spotlight on the dynamic specialist factual & interactive programmes sector.

Façace_SSD2014-1024x682The marketplace event provides a great opportunity to follow the latest industry trends, receive insights on the newest factual initiatives, develop new partnerships and present the changing face of broadcasting given the increasing audience demand for the reinvention of genres.

Mainly designed around daily themes, our conference programme focuses on nature & wildlife, science, history and transmedia highlighting the linear & interactive factual content that pushes the boundaries and requires collaboration between broadcasters, platforms and institutions…for outstanding stories to arise from our screens.

Have a browse through the highlights’ menu below:

GO GLOBAL on Monday 22 June

On the opening day, the CICC Showcase will help you develop new connections and benefit from Asian Side of the Doc’s high quality network with the rapidly expanding Chinese factual market.
We will also be looking at new business developments in innovative media and film, hearing about new projects from France and Canada in the Sunny Lab workshops and looking at the best of recent transmedia work through enlightening case studies.

Don’t miss:

CICC Showcase @Auditorium: CICC is a key player in the Chinese factual market. The company will outline their coproduction strategy, what they are looking for and details of partnerships and productions that have led them to a leading role in the international market.

Pitch Global Issues @Auditorium at 4.30pm: 6 documentary projects illustrating the world we live in will be pitched in front of an audience of decision makers for their perspective, guided by two experienced moderators.

SCIENCE DAY on Tuesday 23 June

International broadcasters with science slots, producers with extraordinary science programs, Foundations and Institutions with a mission to diffuse science to the general audience get together for a day of forums, pitching sessions, case studies and a networking lunch around cutting edge Science programming.

Don’t miss:

Meet the Executives @Auditorium at 10am: 4×15 presentations from key players outlining their commissioning strategies for 2016-2017, what they’re looking to acquire and co-produce and their future plans for international co-productions.

EBU Science & Knowledge Pitch @Auditorium at 11am: Sunny Side is teaming up with EUROVISION to bring about outstanding science projects coming from international producers to the international market.

Panel Climates @Auditorium at 5pm: By 2050, it’s predicted that half of the world’s population will live in cities. Their rapid growth brings enormous challenges – social, of course, but also technological and environmental. At the verge of the ICECC which will take place in Paris in July, broadcasters, institutions and producers gather to discuss how they are planning to make this vital, yet complex issue, understandable to broad audiences.

SUNNY SIDE GOES WILD on Wednesday 24 June

With producers, content sellers, buyers and commissioning editors from across the world, we present the latest outstanding films, welcome industry leaders to share their latest and gather all nature lovers for a series of forums, lunches, screenings and case studies.

Don’t miss:

Natural History Pitch @Auditorium at 11am: 6 documentary projects will be pitched in front of an audience of decision makers for their insight, guided by two experienced moderators.

Natural History Lunch at 1pm: Join us for an invitation-only lunch with a Rock Star wildlife filmmaker to talk about the challenges of the genre and its reinvention at the era of second, third or multiple screens.

R&D Exclusives @Agora at 2:30pm: Digital technology, social media and people power when applied to natural history are a potent combination, increasing the engagement of the public considerably. Come and join us for a presentation of the new technologies which could be applied to wildlife content and push the boundaries.

Panel – How WILD could we go? @Auditorium at 5pm: We gather broadcasters and filmmakers whose skills are transforming the bloody truth of raw material into primetime hits and create jungle fans from each generation and we ask the question: How wild can we go?

HISTORY H-DAY on Thursday 25 June

A day dedicated to History aims at gathering all documentary professionals involved in History programming under one roof; allowing them to share their current issues, anxieties and challenges that face the history genre.

Don’t miss:

History Breakfast – The State of the Union at 9am
What’s cooking with history? A visual crowd-sourced situational report on history programming will take place over breakfast. What makes a deal and what doesn’t? What are they serving on your part of the globe?
Send clips (max. 60 sec.) for us to nibble at

History Pitch @Auditorium at 11am: 6 documentary projects will be pitched in front of an audience of decision makers for their feedback, guided by two experienced moderators.

Panel: The Future of History @Auditorium at 3pm: Top Broadcasters reveal how to turn history into ground-breaking primetime hits, top institutions reveal how the skills of history producers are transforming their visitors into fans and top innovators reveal how new ways of storytelling can win big audiences online.

SUNNY LAB throughout the 4 day-event

Throughout the 4-day event, a specific Sunny Lab programme (conferences, workshops, pitch session, R&D Exclusives) as well as the new Innovation space in the exhibition hall (group stands and presentations) will enable all delegates to learn how to move immediately and concretely towards new participative digital storytellings and working methods.

Don’t miss:


  • Panel  – Data @Agora on June 23 at 12pm: How do we use data and why?
  • Panel -  Impact @Agora on June 23 at 3pm: How to measure the impact of a transmedia programme?
  • Panel – Documentary, Animation & Transmedia @Agora on June 24 at 3pm: Why and how to use animation? What are the latest trends?
  • Panel – Education & Transmedia @Agora on June 25 at 11:30: What type of educational programmes for which platforms?


Producers, clusters and foundations will gather together to present their new interactive projects and their financing sources.

  • Transmedia in Canada Workshop @Agora on June 22
  • Transmedia in France Workshop @Agora on June 22
  • Transmedia in Nordic Countries Workshop @Agora on June 23
  • Transmedia in Germany Workshop @Agora on June 24


  • Interactive Pitch @Agora on June 23 at 5pm: 6 projects will be selected including all narrative genres and all forms of interactive online digital storytelling applied to factual content: animation, fiction and factual, gaming, digital enhancement and web docs across all platforms.


Don’t miss:

  • Newcomers‘ introduction to the international market @Conference Room on Monday 22 June – 14:30
  • MIX DOCS Investigation Pitch @Agora on Wednesday 24 June at 9:30: 6 Investigative projects from Africa, Asia, Latin America & Middle East will be pitched in front of an audience of decision makers for their insight, guided by two experienced moderators.
  •  Arts & Culture Pitch @Agora on Thursday 25 June at 9:30: 6 documentary projects will be pitched in front of a live audience of decision makers, guided by two experienced moderators.
  • Presentation of an initial progress report on the COSIP reform by the French National Center for Cinematography (CNC) on Monday 22 June
  • France Television Showcase @Auditorium on Tuesday 23 June
    Join France Télévisions’ executives as the French TV group presents its slots, upcoming projects and future plans for international co-productions.
  • Canal+/Planète+ Showcase @Auditorium on Wednesday 24 June


The main panel discussions take place in the Auditorium during the afternoons; dealing with issues related to daily focuses, hosted by experienced moderators, gather industry leaders to provide invaluable insights into their programming and co-production strategies, where they share their top tips for success and their biggest mistakes. What new programs can we expect from these partnerships?


7 pitching sessions in relation with the daily themes will see creative teams pitch their projects in development throughout the week, guided by expert moderators. The sessions all take place in the main auditorium and are not to be missed. Hear how the decision makers react to the projects about global issues, wildlife, science, history, investigation, arts & culture and interactive stories. Producers will all get one-to-one meetings with decision makers after their pitches. Awards will be given on Thursday evening to the presentations which most impressed the international jury.


Leading broadcasters, doc funders and platforms creators come together every morning at 10am to outline their commissioning strategies for 2016-2017, what they’re looking to acquire and co-produce and their future plans for international co-productions.


This year at Sunny Side we’re welcoming delegations of producers from Australia, Germany, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Canada, Brazil and China. So there will be plenty of opportunities to network and make new international contacts. From Tuesday to Thursday, at 8:30am,  Morning Docs sessions provide all delegates with an informal setting to encourage co-productions over breakfast and connect you with producers from countries you would like to work with.


Throughout the 4-day event, a specific programme of panels and workshops labelled Sunny LAB focuses on new narrations and technological innovations, tackles issues such as the use of data for the development of projects, the impact on the audience, educational programs for different platforms and new R&D technologies for documentary narration.


Hands-on-knowledge workshop sessions led by experts and aimed at producers looking to operate in the international market will take place each afternoon.


Every evening from 7pm there is a Happy Hour which is a good place to catch up with old friends and make new ones. As well as our harbour side terrace there’s also a great selection of bars and restaurants in La Rochelle.
Our public screening initiative named Grand Ecran will bring you the latest outstanding wildlife films from all over the world for 4 days, in partnership with prestigious film festivals.

Check back for developments, and come prepared to make the most of a whirlwind four days of pitching, debating and connecting at Sunny Side of the Doc.