You can produce a 5 min Video pitch which will be available on each projects profile for all participants or to Decision Makers only (you choose the level of privacy).

Your video pitch should be a “screencast” of your desktop as you flip through photos, video excerpts, structures, notes, web pages… you can film yourself, include a skype chat with a collaborator, show us some drawings or play us some music! Anything you think is necessary for us to take us to the universe you’re creating. But don’t forget to give it a solid structure and make sure you show off your creative storytelling talents across multiple platforms.

Please remember, the video pitch is not just a trailer of your project, it is an opportunity for you to introduce yourself and your ideas. So, we would definitely like to see you on screen for at least 30 seconds. So do not hesitate to be creative!

You may watch previous examples of videopitch on our website.

Autrement, Taleo Initiative, Mexico,

Storm in the Andes, Manharen Films , Sweden