“What a great conference. It was my first time and it will certainly not be the last. Congratulations.

Thank you very much for your time and your book. I will read it with great interest. I am a great believer that the future of independent documentary lies in coproduction as budgets get higher, broadcasters pay less and the big players corner the market. So Sunnyside is a great breath of fresh air.”

Stuart Scowcroft, Managing Director - Intomedia (Australia)

“I never met you during the market, but I just wanted to send you my warm thank you for a very interesting market and the good and friendly service at the Acceuil desk. I would also like to ask you to please send my warmest regards to the two drivers that had to drive me all the long way from and to Bordeaux Airport. (…)

Hope you are doing all right in your beautiful city! It is lovely!”

Anna-Lena Byström, Acquisition Executive Documentaries & Current Affairs - SVT (Sweden)

“This is to say thank you for the amazing work the Sunny Side team, most especially Katell and Baptiste, carried out before and during the market.

It was the very first time that my company ever attended this market, and we will most certainly be attending again next year and hopefully even in the following ones. Again, a special thanks goes out to Katell and Baptiste who not only carried out their work to perfection, but more importantly really went out of their way to help us in all possible ways.”

Ruth Frendo, Producer / Writer - Pro.Motion Limited (Malta)

“Me and Adel would like to thank you and your team for your invitation to this interesting festival. For us, Sunnyside now is playing big role to improve the documentary industry in the world. Its professional mission to develop the field, in addition to its human missions to build trust between nations and reduce gaps between civilizations, makes it, in our opinion among the best in the world.

Thanks again and good luck.”

Mohammed Belhaj, Senior Producer - Al Jazeera Documentary Channel