pdfOur 222-pages Guide was prepared by the team behind Sunny Side of the Doc, Asian Side of the Doc and Latin Side of the Doc, in collaboration with

Sunny Side marketplace events are a hub for buyers and funders who comprise the global market for quality documentaries and content-driven, non-fiction specials.

These key decision makers are listed in the Directory.


Our new and valuable Sunny Side Global Documentary Decision Makers Guide 2015 has the answers.

Our Guide covers 50 countries and features :

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For each buyer and key contact, we list:

  • NameSample_Profile
  • Contact information
  • Photo
  • Channel / Company profile
  • Job Description
  • Strand Profile
  • Duration of programmes

The Guide identifies the scale of the buyers’ pipelines: the hours they commission and acquire each year. Each contact includes a link to the buyers’ email address.

Exploit Sunny Side’s high-quality networWhere_Buyers_Chartsk

Our Sunny Side Guide features the most comprehensive list of programing decision-makers in mainland Europe’s largest markets, with France and Germany sending the biggest delegations.

  • UK, USA, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, South Africa, Canada, Qatar, Belgium, Netherlands, Brazil, Australia and Singapore are amongst the other countries that send the most buyers to Sunny Side and Asian Side.
  • Many European channels enjoy access to EU, CNC-France and other government funding schemes. They are an increasingly important source of co-production partnerships. That is particularly the case for quality documentaries and specials.

Our Guide takes you to decision-makers with that kind of access.

Who Are the Decision Makers?DBG-price

Sunny Side Decision Makers Guide provides industry professionals with invaluable information:

  • Which channels buy docs and specials?
  • Who are the key decision-makers?
  • What are their dedicated slots?
  • How can you reach them?

Access 23 Chinese buyers

Sunny Side is an industry-leader in developing relationships with the rapidly developing Chinese market, and we list 23 buyers from China’s documentary channels and syndication services.

Many emerging markets make their first international steps at Sunny Side, and our directory includes industry leaders in such countries as Bhutan, Afghanistan, Vietnam, Malaysia and Cambodia.

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