First Asian Side of the Doc in Bangkok – a market of opportunities


Soonthorn Areerak, Executive Vice-President, MCOT

Soonthorn Areerak, Executive Vice-President, MCOT

We are very excited to have ASIAN SIDE OF THE DOC in Bangkok for the first time, thanks to Asian Side Market’s founder, Mr Yves Jeanneau.Logos-MCOT

MCOT’s main mission is to operate multimedia businesses committed to being the country’s most highly creative media company.
Core businesses fully operated by MCOT Plc. include television, radio, the Thai News Agency, broadcasting facilities, digital terrestrial television broadcasting network services and the newly created content distribution business. Our brand has always been associated with the creation of a knowledge society, an advocate of creating and broadcasting high quality news, documentaries and factual entertainment.

Despite being top creative players in the Asian region, our content has relatively little footprint around the world. Asian Side of the Doc provides the excellent bridge for all Thai content creators to think beyond our local market, travel further and reach out to rest of the world. This is also the perfect venue for us to learn about international content pitches, coproductions & collaborations, new consumer technologies and content distribution.

For our dear guests, we hope that Thailand will become the city for your future coproductions, an immediate go-to destination with its abundance of talented professionals capable of contributing to successful projects. We sincerely hope that the event will deliver productive business deals, open new opportunities, create friendships, and, most importantly, contribute to a strong and vibrant documentary network in the Asian region.





Morrakot Na Chiangmai, Board Member & CEO of Panorama Worldwide

Logos-panoramaWI would like to extend a warm welcome to all delegates and participants attending ASIAN SIDE OF THE DOC 2016.

Only in its 7th year, this event shows the growing depth of Asia’s documentary potential. While Asian Side of the Doc undoubtedly bolsters our market for documentary productions, I also like to see this annual event itself as a product of that potential. The two go hand-in-hand. Asian Side is made possible due to the passion and talent we see throughout Asia. That is the reason why it is a personal point of pride and honour that Bangkok has been selected as host city for 2016.

Thailand’s strength as a filming destination is well-known, and international coproduction is now commonplace, helping provide opportunities for home-grown professionals to gain a foothold in the industry. The respect garnered by Thai crewmembers today bears testament to the benefits all types of production have brought to our borders. The next step – not just for Thailand but for all participating nations – is to guide the rise of our creative storytelling minds.

With such a variety of events spreading across four days, I have no doubt that Asian Side of the Doc 2016 will provide great stepping stones to our talent.
Welcome once again. Enjoy the event, enjoy our city.
Let creativity shine and inspiration flourish.