Welcome to Asian Side of the Doc 2016!

Over the past seven years ASIAN SIDE OF THE DOC has been to Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo, Kuala Lumpur, Chengdu, Xiamen, and this year will be in Bangkok. The ASEAN region deserves this visit. Thailand is the perfect hub for these new documentaryterritories. The 10 countries of the ASEAN region cover 650 million inhabitants. Their stories, their cultures, their hopes are all content that documentary makers can recount. And they also want to hear stories from elsewhere, stories which can enlighten their future and their understanding.


Exploring a new reality

CEO of Sunny Side markets

CEO of Sunny Side markets

The Asian Side of the Doc platform brings together professionals, buyers and producers from all over Asia. The significant delegations from Indonesia, China, Japan and Malaysia are particularly representative of current market trends in the Asian audiovisual sector.

Broadcasters still hold the position of commissioners, but internet and other platforms are increasing in number. Educational networks are on the lookout for games – be they serious, scientific, or, above all, attractive – and virtual and augmented reality are becoming a key factor in the new media world.

Asia is moving fast and learning fast. The population is young. The audiovisual and documentary markets are structuring themselves and developing, with new players.

In response to these new perspectives, a new addition to Asian Side of the Doc this year is the VR Village, a space entirely dedicated to live demonstrations of VR technology with a selection of inspiring and immersive storytelling. Two practical workshops on VR and Transmedia will also be an opportunity to learn and explore new tech and innovative formats.

Building two-way bridges of opportunities

I would also like to stress the importance of the active presence of UNESCO, whose Asian branch will be a partner for the presentation of a very innovative transmedia project – “Generation What?” – which explores and expresses the dreams, expectations and realities of youth from our continents.
The ABU – Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union – will be involved in launching this initiative in Asia Pacific. UNESCO and ABU are also partners of ASIAN SIDE OF THE DOC. It is an honour for us, and a tangible sign of the international scope of this event in Asia.

People often ask me “will the Chinese be there?”… The question itself shows how important that particular market is. Well, the answer is yes… CICC, Youku-Tudou, CNEX, Mandarin Films, Phoenix TV are all coming. In other words, the leading partners you can currently find in China!


Going from local projects to global films

There will be films there that were pitched a year or two ago at Asian Side of the Doc, including “Game Fever”, a coproduction between France, Canada and China, which TV version will be screened during thye market on November 2. And around 30 new remarkable projects will be presented to the hundred or so decision-makers present.

Bangkok is welcoming us, and it is the whole of Asia which will be involved and that we will meet once again. In Thailand itself you will discover well-structured documentary production, new talents and new stories.

Many thanks to public broadcaster MCOT, PANORAMA WORLDWIDE and WISHTREND THAILAND for accompanying us in this new adventure.
What we are talking about is new discoveries and surprises!

Welcome to Bangkok!