The Groupe AB channel offers an award in the form of a pre-buy for one project pitched across all categories at Sunny Side of the Doc this year.

Marie de Maublanc, Head of Documentaries and Productions, tells us more about the channel’s editorial strategy and objectives in terms of international coproductions and pre-buys.


“We want authors and producers to feel free so we are open to projects on any forms and narration modes as the content is essential. ”


How many hours of documentary programs are aired on “Toute l’Histoire”? How did the channel’s editorial line changed since its creation in 1996?

Toute l’Histoire airs each year more than 400 hours of documentary including 200 hours of exclusive programs. Our programming is gathering around big events which were important for the 20th century and in particular the two World Wars still very fascinating for a major audience.

Our programming schedule is structured around prime time and each evening has its own theme like World Wars, French History, Today’s History, 20th century History and Portraits. Obviously, big historic events anniversaries have their own programming.

This year, we launched a new show for the presidential elections: Et si c’était vous ? (What if it was you?) We are interviewing a politic on a fundamental historic event reflecting its political commitment. For instance, Jean Luc Mélenchon talked about Robespierre, François Bayrou the Revocation of Edict of Nantes and Ségolène Royal of Joan of Arc’s trial.

What should be pitched to get your attention at 2017 Sunny Side of the Doc? What is your view on pre-buy and co-production matters?

We pre-buy about 30 movies per year and we associate as coproducers or producers for about 60 documentary projects. We want to diversify our choices which are obviously determined by our programming mentioned before and major historic events.

We want authors and producers to feel free so we are open to projects on any forms and narration modes as the content is essential.

What kind of documentaries are you looking for in terms of acquisitions on the international market? Do you order original programs outside of France?

We are working a lot internationally because the French market does not allow us to complete the entire schedule. We are on all international markets.

Our expectations for pre-buys or coproductions relate on “event” documentaries essentially based on 20th century’s History. French audience, on a small channel like ourselves which has a limited listening time, is waiting for subjects telling a part of their own story.

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