During the Sunny Side Press Conference on June 3rd, Yves Jeanneau, CEO of Sunny Side markets welcomed the return of TF1 thematic channels Ushuaïa TV, Histoire and Stylía to the international doc marketplace Sunny Side of the Doc.

We interviewed Christophe Sommet, Managing Director of Ushuaïa TV, Stylía and Histoire TV channels, just a few weeks before the start of the 25th Sunny Side of the Doc, “an edition with a special flavor…”

Christophe_Sommet_600Three channels form the documentary division of  TF1 Group. An eclectic and complementary package that is appearing on the Sunny Side. This year, Ushuaïa TV is in partnership with the Sunny Side for its 25th anniversary. How does it work ?
Christophe Sommet : Every year we are present at the Sunny Side, a major event shared with our industry partners. This edition will however be special and have a particular meaning for us, not only because this year the event celebrates its 25th anniversary, but also because we will, for the first time, actually be associated with the Sunny Side. Indeed, Ushuaïa TV will be part of the closing evening, through a documentary event, “Freedom, the flight of an eagle”. This ambitious 90′ program with an international scale, enhanced by unpublished filming methods, traces the release of an eagle into the wild. Coproduced by Lato Sensu Productions and Ushuaïa TV, it will be broadcast on our channel at the end of the year before its movie release.

Will Ushuaïa TV display other important events this year?
Christophe Sommet :
Among our many projects, in February 2014 we launched a film contest named “Les enfants d’Ushuaïa”, sponsored by Nicolas Hulot. This contest will allow amateurs or experienced videographers to see their project – a film in line with the values ​​of Ushuaia Nature – broadcast on the channel during a special evening at the end of the year. Participants have until September 30th to try their luck.

What are the essentials on Stylía for the coming months?
Christophe Sommet :
Stylía, a lifestyle channel, will concentrate on fashion in July and September, during the fashion weeks through unpublished unitary and documentary series. Among the programs offered, “Chronicle of a decade of fashion” – 4×52 ‘produced with MDAM and “Fashion Fund: creators fin vogue” – 6×52′ about Anna Wintour. A new coaching magazine coproduced with TV Only will also find its place on the channel, called “Back to basics” it will be presented by Emilie Albertini.

And on Histoire?
Christophe Sommet :
The year 2014 is particularly important for Histoire, thanks to the many commemorations to be celebrated. After putting the 70th anniversary of the D-day landings in the spotlight, the channel is devoting a large part of its programs throughout the year on the Great War 100th anniversary. We are broadcasting fifty hours of documentaries and magazines (many unpublished), including a coproduction with INA “The Nations Great War” (7×52 ‘) and a unitary “If I died there”, the war seen by writers from Apollinaire to Hemingway.

What are you expecting from this edition of the Sunny Side?
Christophe Sommet :
Among others, meet with producers, distributors and other partners in a privileged context, with whom we work throughout the year. I take this opportunity to thank them for their trust and invite them to find us at the closing ceremony: we have organized a major surprise for them!