Beyond being a global marketplace of the documentary and non-scripted content, Sunny side of the Doc is also providing producers guidelines and advice through training sessions all around the world.

On March 22nd, Sunny Side of the Doc founder YVES JEANNEAU, teamed up with CATHERINE ULMER, from Lau Haizetara Documentary Co-Production Forum, to deliver a one-day project development workshop and give Basque producers key insight into the whole process of setting up an international co-production. It was also an occasion to introduce them to unique opportunities available for them at Sunny Side of the Doc event or at San Sebastian Festival for the International Forum Documentaries Co-production.

The initiative was organised by the Creative Europe MEDIA Desk Euskadi, the Basque producer associations IBAIA and the Basque Institute Etxepare. Eight production companies based in Basque Region attended and received direct feedback about their projects, trailer and pitching skills.

We are pleased to share some of their post-training testimonials:

Ander Iriarte, Producer - Irusoin.S.A. & Mirokutana.koop.

Project: The Sound of the Crack  

San Sebastian Training 1

How did the training help you with your documentary project?

“One of the most difficult tasks is to prepare your project for an international market. Understanding which part of your story is universal. Thanks to the sessions organized by IBAIA, Etxepare and the programme MEDIA, we have been able to prepare the project and make it attractive for the international market. Thanks to the consultancy you can avoid wasting your time.”

What are your expectations for Sunny Side of the Doc 2018?

“Now, with a solid project and a prepared speech, we hope to take advantage of global opportunities at Sunny Side of the Doc 2018. Our main objective is to get international presales, with potential interested channels. And also, find co-producers and allies, for this international story.”



Teresa Arilla, Producer – KOMPO24

Project: Warhol, el Papa de la Movida (Warhol, the Pope of La Movida)

Training Session Sans Sebastian 2

How did the training help you with your documentary project? 

“It was an honour for our documentary project in development to be selected for this training session in San Sebastian. It helped us resolve some doubts to finally decide on the essence of the documentary. The highest grade of satisfaction came from our working session with Sunny Side’s CEO, Yves Jeanneau.”

What are your expectations for Sunny Side of the Doc 2018?

 “We are  attending this year’s international marketplace in order to find co-production partners and presales for our project.”


Basque production companies will be present yet another year at Sunny Side of the Doc under the Basque Audiovisual umbrella, a brand created by Eiken (Basque Audiovisual and Digital Cluster), the Etxepare Basque Institute, and Zineuskadi, with the aim of striking deals, sharing factual content ideas and finding their way into the international doc market.