Feedback from two participants: Siming Yu and Xiaoxiao Song

Title of their project: ‘China Drummer Girl

bloc-marque-ASDWe have benefited a lot from the four days’ workshop from January 13th-16th, 2014.

We, Chinese documentary workers, learned about the market condition on international documentary more deeply and specifically and the gap between China and the world during those theme lectures and proposal training class.

The issues we discussed in the workshop are not superficial. Actually, our trainer, Steven Sedeinberg, expressed the investment proportion, contract signing and tax issues in co-production in detail. What is more, the issues on team building and coordination and the documentary fund in broadcasting company, etc are also introduced by him.

These issues mentioned above are understood by the Chinese documentary industry. However, the environment of the Chinese documentary industry does not have the condition and basis of systematism.

This makes me confirm that the international documentary meeting held in China may focus on the sharing of information on common sense and systematism in five years, which can lead the Chinese documentary practitioners to an international consensus on professional level. Also, the common audience in China should get a basic knowledge to documentary, then the normal market can appear and the industry system can be built.

Honestly, co-production is difficult in Chinese documentary industry. The market seems large, but the purchasing power is weak and the standard of the practitioners is eager to be increased.

As an international documentary insider, please regard China as a place which requires help and support, not a real market. Although China has experienced thirty years of reform and opening-up and the situation of documentary will become more and more prosperous with the increase of the broadcasting time in many television stations, we definitely have a long way to go in such a closed system.