Sunny Side of the Doc gave two awards and a special mention at the recent DocsForum in Mexico City.

The winning teams will be invited to present their projects at the next Sunny Side of the Doc held from June 23-26 in La Rochelle, France.


Best Project from Mexico: El Paso

Stepping Out

Directed by Everardo González

Producers : Bertha Navarro, Roberto Garza

This is a story about journalists who for a short period of time were our witnesses, our voices and our eyes but who are now gardeners, bakers, waiters, butchers, and taxi drivers. They have been forced to leave Mexico, threatened by organized crime and the State. They are now living in exile or hoping to do so.

Best Project from South America: Gringo Rojo (Chili)

Red Gringo

Directed by Miguel Ángel Vidaurre

Producer : Paulina Obando Martínez

American pop singer Dean Reed first came to Chile in the 1960’s seeking new markets for his music. This film investigates how he becomes an active protagonist of Salvador Allende’s campaign. After the military coup of 1973, Reed left to live in East Germany, where he died under mysterious circumstances in 1986.


Special Mention to: ¡Ya sé dónde está el dinero, mami! (Spain)

Mother, I know where the money is

Directed by Arturo Cisneros

Producers: Dimas Lasterra, Arturo Cisneros

When a mother asks, you have to look for an answer, whatever it takes. Spurred on by the economic crisis, with no job, no prospects and unable to afford my mortgage payments, I leave my house in the city and go back to the village where I was born, to the house of my eighty year old parents. My mother does not understand what is happening and is looking for answers that I must find for her, even if I need to travel half way round the world.


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