La Rochelle is a port built on the fishing industry. On the site of the Espace Encan, where Sunny Side of the Doc has been held since 2006, there used to be a fish market, one of the biggest in the west of France.

vente a la criee


Built in 1956, the Halle des Marées, or ’Encan’ (meaning ‘auction’), was where the assembled buyers bought the crates of fish freshly landed at the quayside. The high point was in 1965 when 25,000 tonnes of fish were landed and sold. It closed in 1994 when the Chef de Baie port was opened in La Rochelle.




Fast forward 20 years and the goods being landed are films and ideas, and the buyers are from all over the world and not just from Poitou Charentes. Plus, the place smells better. If you’re planning to pitch, or promote your films or your company, this is the place to reel in those buyers…

Oh, you’ll still get good fish in the La Rochelle restaurants though.