BIG CITIES WORKSHOP at Asian Side of the Doc 2015 in Xiamen

JOIN THE GLOBAL PROJECT on Wednesday 18th of March, 14:30

In cooperation with the Asian Broadcasting Union (ABU)

Who should attend?
Asian and International broadcasters

Why should you attend?
You are invited to join a global cooperation and media initiative on a crucially topic!  At the workshop, you will find out more about the cooperation format, key content features, people and organizations involved.

When and where?
Wednesday 18th of March 2015, from 2.30 pm to 4.30pm

BIG CITIES is a world-wide TV and crossmedia collection of stories about innovative ways to improve living conditions in the growing number of megapolis around the world.

The quality of life in big cities has been falling over the years in contrast to the urban population that has been growing at ever-greater speed. Overcoming the challenges of urban development and planning depends on new and bold solutions.

In order to provoke change and make things better, broadcasters from all around the world cooperate in the BIG CITIES project. Together, they will produce and share a package of films that come in two different lengths, 10’ and  52’ minutes, creating thus a collection of inspiring character-driven documentaries for tv broadcast as well as online exposure. Each participating station will produce at least one film (long or short) in order to receive the whole collection. Broadcast and online all over the globe, the films will provide citizens and policy makers with innovative knowledge and motivating success stories, including such topics as mobility, housing and slum upgrading, safety, climate change, planning and design, economy, reconstruction, governance human rights, water and sanitation, land, energy, social and intercultural issues.

BIG CITIES has been developped by TAL (Televisão América Latina) in Sao Paolo, Brasil, and is a follow project to the successful global collection COLOURS OF FOOTBALL (

For this new global iniative, already now 10 Latin American and a number of European broadcasters have confirmed their participation, many others are interested. In Asia, thanks to a couple of broadcasters witch have already expressed their interest, the objective is to cover at least the 15 biggest mega cities on the Asian continent. Worldwide, BIG CITIES strives to involve more than 40 broadcasters and produce at least 40×10’ and 8×52’ to be shared among the partners. Project launch is planed for late spring 2015, production and exchange within a year’s time.Viewer-001

BIG CITIES is being conceived as a global cooperation between the world’s associations of public service broadcasters, including ABU (Asian Broadcasting Union), ASBU (Arab State Broadcasters Union), COPEAM (Permanent Conference of Audiovsiual Operators in the Mediterranean), EBU (European Broadcasting Union), ERNO (South-Eastern Europe), NORDVISION (Scandinavian Countries).

Will your network be the next to join?

The workshop will give you all the details you need to know in order to make a decision.

Please contact for further information on this Asian Side activity.