The Golden Tree Festival established a International Documentary Film Fund offering financial support to selected documentary filmmakers and directors. We talked about the requirements to access the fund, new media and copruducing with chinese professionals with Wang Libin, CEO of the Golden Tree Festival attending Sunny Side this year.

Wang LibinWhat are the requirements to submit a project to the Golden Tree International Documentary Film Fund ? Is a coproducer needed and what kind of help and amount can you obtain ?

Wang Libin:
A. Film must conform to the topic of this year’s Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival “Man and Nature – Looks and Roots”;
B. Must be a documentary, for which the shooting is complete or over 95% complete;
C. Only original works, for which you own the legal copyright or the copyright holder’s authorization;
D. The Golden Tree Fund is mainly to be used for supplementary shooting that do not exceed 5% of the total material, post production, cutting, dubbing, composition, captions, publicity, etc.

2) Applicants have to be associate filmmakers owning the legal copyrights. The reason why we constantly emphasize the copyrights, is that the goal of the Golden Tree International Documentary Film Fund is the promotion of global high-quality documentary film copyright transactions. As a fund for commercialized operations, we will share part of the producer’s copyright benefits while investing.

3) Applicants can obtain the Golden Tree Fund to complete part of a film they haven’t yet completed due to funding reasons.

4) The amount of funding obtainable depends upon the budget already invested in the work in question. The upper limit is set to 50,000 €, the lower limit is set to 5,000 €.

How can Documentary use new tools, new broadcast windows to reach a wider or younger target ?

Wang Libin: The development and progress of techniques for network communication have broadened the scope of dissemination for documentaries. New media produce a wider dissemination environment for documentaries. The diversified forms of dissemination channels offered by new media should be used. They make the dissemination of documentaries faster and more extensive, thereby reaching a wider audience. I, for my part, very much appreciate Sunny Side’s Sunny Lab. Whether it is widescreen film screening, or a promotional event, or a symposium on a special topic; every segment leaves imprints on new media. The “Golden Tree” Documentary Film Festival will open vast windows to new media, such as the introduction of Chinese video networks, setting up your own video website, or global dissemination.

Is coproduction with Germany still major for chinese producers ? What about France ?

Wang Libin: Chinese filmmakers have a tendency to co-produce with German companies, but it is not their main tendency. Chinese filmmakers look forward to collaborating with filmmakers from all over the world, to collaboratively create more, and more outstanding works. France is a place of origin of world films and a century brand of globally known experimental films. The French film is a symbol of art, romance, and high quality. Many Hollywood directors come from France. The Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival hopes to bring about more opportunities to facilitate cooperations between Chinese and French filmmakers.

What do you expect from your attendance to Sunny Side this year ?

Wang Libin: I want to let more people know about and participate in the Golden Tree International Documentary Film Festival held in Frankfurt in October this year.