INA chooses Asian Side to develop international projects and training opportunities in Asia


Ina will be present at the 2016 Asian Side of the Doc in Bangkok and very proud to present the laureate of the Best ASEAN Pitch with a very special prize which consists in :


-          5 minutes archives from the INA collections to be featured in one production. A prize worth several thousand Euros.

-          access to a training workshop within a catalogue of 400 training modules (up to 3-day courses, in French) OR participation to a “FRAME” seminar held in English, dedicated to European and non European professionals of the media industry, on new technologies applied to the restoration, digitization, preservation and use of audiovisual and cinematographic archives.

In both cases, Ina supports training costs. Travel and accommodation expenses remain the sole responsibility of the winner.

The international documentary community certainly knows INA as a producer of documentaries and
maybe as one of the leading source of archives but there is much more behind.

A resolutely 21st-century public-sector cultural company, INA has built up a number of offers and services to bring its digitized collections closer to its clients and users in the whole world.

-          INA offers over a million hours of programs on, for professionals working in both media and non-media companies.

-          Meanwhile, 43,000 hours of programs are available on the, a public website with VOD, SVOD services while programming 23 Youtube channels to date.

Ina is involved in audiovisual production, acting as an executive producer or co-producer with an average of 60 hours a year, and supporting new forms of screenwriting and formats, namely through its transmedia productions, backed up by more than 1 000 m² of technical and post-processing facilities including state of the art CGI, HD, sound design etc …

Developing international projects and relationships is a main goal in this field.

But Ina is also a leading centre of higher education and professional training, offering courses in all aspects of the audiovisual sector and new media, tailored to clients’ needs both in France and abroad.

Ina teams bring their various areas of expertise together to offer expert consulting services and to meet the needs of regional authorities, media and non-media companies and international institutions (from Cuba to Kuwait, Argentina to South Africa).

Ina will be represented by Michèle Gautard, International Production Manager and Jean-Luc VernhetHead of International Affairs.

Come and meet us…

Jean-Luc Vernhet

Jean-Luc Vernhet

Michèle Gautard

Michèle Gautard