Focus on International Delegations

Once again, Sunny Side of the Doc is putting the spotlight on the diversity and energy of international producers and broadcasters.
Many delegations will be in attendance, with some coming back for the secondtime – which just goes to show their interest and support in the market.

And France is well represented this year, with numerous production companies and creative studios signing up for accreditation for the first time.

There’s a very strong Canadian delegation (70 members to date), and the same goes for the German delegation(70 professionals). The United Kingdom also has a strong presence this year, same too for the rest of the European documentary world. As for Asia, we’re pleased to welcome many producers and broadcasters from China and Thailand. Brazil and USA will also have many representatives at Sunny Side, just as Eastern and Central Europe. And finally, the Belgian-Luxembourgish-Swiss triangle is making headways with more than 40 representatives.

LOGO_FEELING_CHINAChina’s back in La Rochelle – Booth B30

2017 marks China’s powerful comeback at Sunny Side.
The “Feeling China” pavilion is a 1000 sq ft space that will welcome representatives from ten different broadcasters and production companies, such as: CICC, CCTV9, Documentary Channel of Beijing TV, Shanghai Media Group (Shanghai WingsMedia), Golden Eagle Documentary Channel Hunan Broadcasting System, Xi’an Cloud Vision Television Culture Media Co., Ltd., Real Image Media Co., Ltd, and West Lake International Documentary Festival.

In addition to this, there will also be three other companies present, specialising in virtual reality. Scentrealm and VRTimes will be sharing a stand, while ZHAOQI Films (who produce a 360°series for Lonely Planet) will be unveiling their project baptised “Walk”, an immersive reality stroll aimed at museums and cultural project spaces.

Feeling China Presentation, Tuesday 20th June at 10am in the Auditorium:

China’s return to La Rochelle is synonymous with new opportunities, and it’s an event that’s not-to-bemissed!
Along with the CICC, four Chinese documentary channels (CCTV-9, BTV, SMG and Hunan TV Golden Eagle Doc Channel) will unveil their co-production documentary projects to the international firms attending Sunny Side of the Doc.



The Nordic delegation: in tune with the market place – EDN Booth C20


There’s a solid base for documentary production in the Nordic region, continuously nurturing the pool of documentary talent, and the Nordic delegation is looking forward to making
new friends and fruitful partnerships at Sunny Side of the Doc. Meet them at the EDN stand!

The Nordic delegation – led by Nordisk Panorama under the EDN (European Documentary Network) umbrella – of around 15 representatives is coming from Norway, Denmark and Finland. At the EDN stand, the EDN will organise practical workshops and sessions aimed at helping facilitate setting up co-productions. There will be a 30-minute Q&A session about all you need to know on working with France Télévisions (20th June, 10am), CNC (21st June, 11am) and ARTE (22nd June at 10am).


Also, there will be a breakfast with the aim of giving a better insight into co-production opportunities with Northern European countries (20th June, 8.30am).

Completing the line-up, there’ll also be a “matchmaking” session on 21st June at 4.30pm. During this two-hour event, come meet, exchange and sew the seeds for future common projects with both Nordic and International production companies specialising in co-productions.

See which Nordic producers have already signed up and read more here.



LOGO-Thailand-docs-groupThe success of Asian Side of the Doc 2016 strengthens Thai participation – Booth C17

The “Thailand DOCS Group ”(TDG), consisting in Thailand’s top 6 documentary production companies and organized by the Ministry of Commerce’s Department of International Trade Promotion (DITP), in partnership with the Thailand Convention & Exhibition Bureau (TCEB), joins Sunny Side of the Doc 2017.

The members of the Thai delegation include Documania, TV Burapha, Payai Creation, D.Documentary, Thai Documentary and Global Intercommunication. They are looking for content buyers and investors who share their passion for documentary on social issues, history, arts & culture, human interest, food & travel, wildlife and design. Forging new relationships with potential co-production partners, broadcasters and distributors all over the
world will be a their key objective.

Join an official announcement of Asian Side of the Doc 2017 and Thailand’s video presentation on Tuesday, June 20th, at 3 pm at the Agora. One of the projects from the group, titled “The Conman and the Sea” produced by Documania Co.,Ltd will then be presented during the Asian Stories Pitch between on Tuesday 20 June, at 3:30. Special networking drinks with the Thai delegation are organised at 6pm the same day, with authentic Thai food, drinks and entertainment. (by invitation only).

Brazil, new land of coproduction with France – Booth B13

Impress‹oBrazilian Content is an international program developed by BRAVI (Brasil Audiovisual Independente) in partnership with the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil). The Brazilian Content delegation will be present at this year’s Sunny Side of the Doc with 14 companies and 19 people looking for buyers for their finished films and commissioning editors, co-producers and financers for their projects in development.

Two Brazilian projects will be presented at SSD pitches this year: the company will pitch FOREST PEOPLE in the Social & Human Interest category and Grifa Filmes will present the project OPERATION PEDRO PAN in the History pitch.

This year, Sunny Side is even more special for us due to the coproduction treaty between Brazil and France recently signed in May between CNC and the Brazilian Film Agency (Ancine). This new treaty includes also TV works, not only theatrical projects as the previous treaty. The treaty needs to be ratified by the Brazilian National Congress”, says Rachel do Valle, executive manager of Brazilian Content.

A special activity between Brazil and France will take place on Wednesday 21 June at 8:30am in the Lounge.

Check out the Brazilian Content catalogue and learn more about our companies and their projects: