Sunny Side of the Doc to host for the first time a 100m² pavilion branded “Feeling China”

The 28th edition of Sunny Side of the Doc will be held June 19-22, 2017, in La Rochelle, France.

LOGO_FEELING_CHINAWith the aim of fostering new factual content development between Chinese and international producers/broadcasters, a 100m² pavilion branded “Feeling China” will be set up for the first time at Sunny Side of the Doc, bringing together Chinese TV and media representatives under one roof, in close collaboration with China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC).

READ OUR PRESS RELEASE: China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC) and Sunny Side of the Doc enter a new strategic partnership (31 May 2017)

The “Feeling China” Pavilion serves as a platform for promoting Chinese TV programs and films to the rest of the world. During this year’s Sunny Side of the Doc, the “Feeling China” Pavilion will provide opportunities for Chinese media organizations and participants to communicate and showcase their productions. Through various promotion events, Chinese media organizations and their productions will enter the international market and leverage global resources and channels, enhancing cooperation between China and other countries.


China Intercontinental Communication Center





China Intercontinental Communication Center (CICC) was established in December 1993 as a comprehensive international cultural communication organization. Its businesses include film and television production, communications, and marketing operation, as well as new media network. Upholding the concept of “Let the world understand China, let China understand the world”, CICC has always been telling Chinese stories of all aspects including history, politics, economy, science & tech, culture and people’s livelihood to the world as well as introducing other countries’ excellent cultural heritages to Chinese audiences.

As one of China’s earliest international film and television co-production organizations, CICC’s over 20 years of experience makes it a leader in international cultural communication. CICC has established cooperative relations with over 70 media organizations from more than 30 countries and regions so far, and had over 200 hours of co-produced non-fiction programs broadcast in more than 200 countries and regions across the world.

CICC has advanced HD production equipment and first-class production talents. All the programs in Chinese can be translated into English, French, Japanese, German, Russian, Arabic, Korean and Turkish by professional translation team. CICC also provides distribution and promotion services and is willing to work with domestic and international TV broadcasters, print media, online media, international conferences and other communication platforms.

Shanghai Media Group (Shanghai WingsMedia)


Shanghai Media Group (Shanghai WingsMedia)SMG wings mediaA wholly owned subsidiary of the Oriental Pearl Media under the umbrella of Shanghai Media Group (SMG), one of China’s largest province-level mainstream-media and cultural conglomerates, Shanghai WingsMedia Co., Ltd. WingsMedia is a provider and operator of global copyrighted content, specialized in the comprehensive authorization and operation of global copyrighted content.

WingsMedia has established extensive operation channels through long-term and deep partnerships with over 300 broadcast systems and various new media channels. In terms of international distribution, with an established coverage of significant markets in the Americas, Asia Pacific, Western Europe and Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan, WingsMedia has been proactively expanding towards Southeast Asia, Africa and Middle East with a view to developing a global presence of Chinese programs and serving as the marketing hub for them.

Taste of China, Super Asia, Maritime Silk Road, China’s Challenge, Life matters and The Architecture of Happiness: The Shanghai Alleyway House will be exhibited.

CCTV9 Documentary Channel

CCTVlogoCCTV9 (CCTV Documentary Channel) is China’s leading documentary channel and China’s only national channel dedicated to factual programme. Launched on January 1st, 2011, it is the fastest growing channel in the CCTV family, and has become China’s largest production, co-production, transmission and acquisition platform for factual programme.

CCTV9 broadcasts 24 hours a day, covers the entire country and has an audience of over 800 million. The highest number of daily audience was 94 million. It displays the unique value of factual programme in authentically showcasing the history and the reality, and endeavors to tell Chinese stories and transmit Chinese speech on the global cultural horizon; with vivid visual language and international broadcast voice, it intends to overcome cultural barriers and win the universal psychological identification and emotional resonance of the global audience.

CCTV9 is going to open up its broadcast platform, integrate well-performing resources in the Chinese factual programme industry, establish industrial standards (including standards on subject selection, form, technique and pricing), and gradually shape a unified, open and orderly factual programme market, with a view to laying a solid foundation for industrial operation of this line.

Documentary Channel of Beijing TV




Documentary Channel of Beijing TV (BTV Doc) is a professional HD documentary channel broadcasted in 5.1 Surround Sound. Since 2014, it has been aired in some first- and second-tier cities located along the Jing-Guang Railroad or at the Yangtze River Delta, the Pearl River Delta region and part of the South-Eastern China, including Shanghai, Changsha, Chengdu, Guangzhou, and Haikou. BTV Doc takes pride in showcasing the outstanding domestic and international documentaries by premiering doc programs introduced from abroad for four hours on a daily basis.

BTV Doc also aired its self-produced global documentary series for 30 minutes of prime time with a total of over 260 episodes screened each year. The doc series covers a wide range of subjects, including social documentary, fashion photography, film and television stories, historical nostalgia, and wild adventure, creating a wealth of independently produced documentaries.

In 2017, BTV Doc has planned and produced a number of documentary series worth looking forward to, which are as follows: Hello, ASEAN: The Belt and Road Tour, the micro-documentary series of A Thousand and One Nights: Beijing Stories and New Beijing Airport.

Golden Eagle Documentary Channel of Hunan Broadcasting System

金鹰纪实台标The Golden Eagle Documentary Channel is the sole professional documentary channel of the Hunan Broadcasting System, as well as China’s fourth HD professional documentary channel broadcast to the entire world by satellite. In China, the channel covers a number of large and medium-sized cities in more than a dozen provinces and autonomous regions, as well as municipalities directly under the central government, attracting over 330 million audiences.

Its documentaries focus on the great changes happening in China and tell stories about the country from various perspectives, such as physical geography, culture and history, science and technology, and social life. The Channel has been devoted to creating high-quality documentaries since its inception, including a Sino-Japanese War documentary Heroes of Hunan, a cultural documentary (Yuelu Academy), and an international co-production Chinese Vipers and a youth-focused documentary My Life. A full-length nature and culture documentary The Beauty of Xiangxi will be showcased.

Xi’an Cloud Vision Television Culture Media Co., Ltd.

Xi’an Cloud Vision Television Culture Media Co., Ltd.


Xi’an Cloud Vision Television Culture Media Co., Ltd. (Cloud Vision Media) is an excellent media company that produces nonfiction videos, including documentary films, documentaries, and special film & TV programs. With an integrated team covering R&D, production, and operation of video programs, Cloud Vision Media can meet the needs of video projects of various categories and sizes.

Three full-length wildlife documentary film series China’s Secret Worlds, Roof of the World, Made in China and a 6-episode documentary Delicacy Hunter: On the Silk Road will be presented.


Real Image Media Co., Ltd

Real Image Media whiteReal Image Media Co., Ltd promotes the visualization of real stories worldwide.

Real Image Media Co., Ltd has Real Image Foundation, and through the matrix of its own vertical platform, strategic cooperation platform, offline cinema alliance, Movie For Change film festivals and co-production & distribution team, it supports documentaries, featured films, VR and investigative newsreels of real themes.





VRtimes white
Established in 2016, VRtimes is committed to the development and transmission of VR video technology.
With rich experience in producing original videos and expertise in CG technology, employees in VRtimes, all of whom have background in video and game industries, aim to make high-quality VR videos and provide solutions for clients through the whole process from shooting to post production, so as to meet the needs of various clients.

VRtimes have won recognition from many partners in their business and original projects, and are carrying out business collaboration with Xinhua News Agency, Hubei Radio & Television Information Network, several online platforms, and educational institutions across China. This VR documentary is jointly produced by VRtimes and Suzhou Municipal Education Bureau with aim to promote traditional Suzhou culture.



is the first China-based technology company engaging in “Digital Scent Technology” R&D and Application. And it is also the first global Digital Scent Solution Provider. The team has found a method to classify all the smells through its fundamentality and established a huge database of odors. This innovative technology has enabled them to realize the digitization, network transmission and terminal display of various scents.

They have developed a new smell-preserve nanometer multi-hole material and solved the problem of scent preservation with sealed construction. They have incorporated a special runner structure design in our product to fit different application scenarios. They have also adopted a DSP chip, a high-polymer material and an APP/API system to precisely remote control the scent in a fixed time and amount. Currently, they are applying for more than 30 patents.


West Lake International Documentary Festival  

West Lake  logoThe West Lake International Documentary Festival (IDF) is an international grand meeting of professional documentaries that is co-hosted by Administration of Press, Publications, Radio, Film and Television of Zhejiang Province, China Academy of Art. And China Central Television Documentary Channel (CCTV9) is the Strategic Partner. The first edition was held from April 20 -22, 2017 near the West Lake in Hangzhou, which had been placed on the World Cultural Heritage list,.

IDF stands for “I Documentary Fact.” The Festival focuses around “discovering the documentary objects, designing experiments for youth, holding high the will of the people, and forging the oriental quality”. It highlights four categories, namely, the “D20 Nomination”, the “Lessons from Masters”, the “CCTV-9 Proposal” and the “IDF Forum”.