CICC is calling for short films projects at Asian Side of the Doc 2016 for the seriesHopes and Dreams II“.


During the 2013 Sunny Side of the Doc, China Intercontinental Communication Center CICC called for proposals for a series of short films entitled HOPES AND DREAMS. Six filmmakers from four different countries were commissioned to make short films on the theme of “the hopes and dreams of Chinese people today“. Since then, six films have been shown around the world: on TV, at special screenings, at festivals and online.

Building on the success of that first series, CICC is delighted to launch HOPES AND DREAMS II at Asian Side of the Doc 2016. They invite emerging directors and producers to pitch them their ideas for new, good quality short films about the hopes and dreams of ordinary Chinese people.

The stories need to be fresh and surprising, and must appeal to an international audience. They’re looking for directors with strong visual ideas as well as appealing stories as they would like to commission from six different directors, ideally from different countries, to create these six 15-minute short films. CICC will provide appropriate training for those selected and fund the development and production of the chosen films.
So send them your proposals: 1-2 pages in the first instance, with a general idea of budget, schedule and shooting style. 

For more information on suitable stories, the formal submission process or for further discussions on potential ideas,  please email Ms. Weina

Deadline to apply is February 28, 2017

Did you know ? As an all-media international organization, China Intercontinental Communication Center(CICC)is a Chinese leading professional institution which also covers the VR video production. Nowadays, CICC is bringing more Chinese content overseas to promote cultural communication between China and foreign countries by exploring this kind of technology. Please look forward to more excellent works.