Manitoba Film & Music (MFM) is one of Sunny Side of the Doc’s partners, as part as Canada, Country of Honour for this 2016 edition. What is Manitoba Film & Music?


Manitoba Film & Music (MFM) supports Manitoba’s film and music industries through our objectives, which are to create, stimulate, employ and invest in Manitoba by developing and promoting Manitoba companies, producing and marketing film, television, video and music recording projects as well as to promote Manitoba as a film location for off-shore production companies. MFM is a member of the Association of Film Commissions International (AFCI).

Question: How do you see international co-productions for linear and/or interactive programs?

We see international co-productions, be they linear and/or interactive, as an opportunity to capitalize on the creative, financial and commercial resources of global partners to realize projects. Particularly for independent producers, the ability to collaborate with partners from different territories can determine whether a project gets made or expires in development. An advantage of working with a Manitoba producer on international co-productions for linear programs is that they  are able to access MFM’s development and production financing programs through co-productions or co-ventures with Manitoba resident producers and production companies.  If the project goes into production, the project can also benefit from Manitoba’s extremely competitive labour-based or all-spend tax credits. Our list of available funding programs and tax credit details can be found on the Manitoba Film & Music website at In addition to development loans and production investments, MFM also co-administers the Manitoba Film & Video Production Tax Credit with the Canada Revenue Agency.  The Manitoba Film & Video Production Tax Credit is a fully refundable corporate income tax credit where productions can receive up to 65% on eligible Manitoba labour expenditures (base rate of 45% plus bonuses) or a 30% tax credit on eligible Manitoba expenditures, including Manitoba labour.

Question: Do you agree with the fact Documentary is the genre that can push the boundaries in terms of new storytelling, new tools (such as VR) and new platforms? Explain why.

Documentary is definitely a genre that can push the boundaries of storytelling, new tools and new platforms. Successful documentaries are thought-provoking and enlightening; any new formats, tools, structures that allow you to present the material in a fresh manner, provides another opportunity to engage the viewer. Documentary is the perfect genre to integrate interesting online content, games and apps, VR, installations for museums, etc. Recent technologies, such as drones and 360 degree shooting, are expanding the possibilities even further. Although not necessarily required to access MFM funding programs, we encourage the creation of linear projects with multi-platform approaches that push the boundaries.

Question: What are you looking for by attending Sunny Side of the Doc, this year? Projects, broadcasters, European and/or Asian co-producers?

The main purpose for attending Sunnyside of the doc is to gain greater understanding of the market for documentary and factual content, gain market intelligence for what distributors and networks are looking for and to identify opportunities that make exist for Manitoba producers and production companies. We are aiming to develop relationships with broadcasters and distributors that would be interested in working with Manitoba producers and exploring the advantages of shooting in Manitoba. MFM is looking to develop relationships with producers who would be interested in either shooting in Manitoba or co-developing/co-producing projects with Manitoba Producers.

Question: What advice would you share with emerging producers looking for financing/co-production partners in Canada?

Developing relationships is crucial for emerging producers looking for financing/coproduction partners in Canada. Manitoba producers are very active and are often present at important industry markets and festivals, and are constantly on the lookout for great projects and potential co-productions.  Organizations like Manitoba Film & Music, Telefilm Canada, and the Canada Audio Visual Certification Office are important sources of information for productions looking to co-producer and finance in Canada.