Yves Jeanneau, à l'entrée du Sunny Side of the Doc
Yves Jeanneau, à l’entrée du Sunny Side of the Doc
(c) Jean-François Augé –

The 28th edition of SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC is bringing together even more producers, distributors and documentary broadcasters from all over the world.

Whether the films and projects presented are linear (or not), classic or hybrid, made for television or sometimes even for cinema, and – without exception – all in digital, they stand out for their diversity, their creativity and the way in
which they’re constantly looking to bring fresh perspectives and new stories to younger audiences.
The passion and commitment characteristic of these documentaries, and the democratic need for fact-checking news are facing an ill wind blowing no good: an ill wind of structured untruths and rumour-mongering.

“Fake news” and “alternative facts” are the complete antithesis of the rationale and purpose behind every documentary approach. Understanding the reality in such complexities, without lying or twisting the truth, to check, cross-check and retain the “reported point of view” which exercises the freedom of speech, this is what best defines a documentary film. It is something which resists against propaganda that falsifies the truth, against censorship that sets out to silence, and against manufactured language that is eliminating the sprit of criticism.This is a battle to be fought here and now, the world over. This battle is crucial and vital for not only the documentary medium and our children, but for all of us. Truth and integrity are the standard-bearers; they are the fundamental values crucial to documentary film, and they bring us together, helping us to speak as one.

SUNNY SIDE OF THE DOC is here to welcome and encourage dialogue, the exchange of ideas and co-productions, and to also help independent voices be heard, reaching more people. This year, History is brought to the forefront, for in these amnesia-esque times, remembering the past is absolutely necessary. Our narratives and live-action productions are dotted with new technologies, video games and animation – and you’ll find the most up-to-date offerings in the new PiXii space.

Welcome to this crossroads of innovation and audacity!

It is also a great pleasure for me to address my fraternal greetings to Tore Tomter who who has not missed a Sunny Side since the very first, and who is about to take a well deserved retirement.

Yves Jeanneau
CEO of Sunny Side markets